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He Tried to Fight the Parking Lot, he Lost we all Won

A guy falls asleep at the bar, so I tell his friends that he has to go. They say no problem, but they need help getting him into the car. 147 more words


Besides You Can Afford to Let me Steal Crayons

I am a host. At the host stand we have a bucket with crayons for little kids. On the way out of my restaurant a woman stopped at the host stand and started shoveling crayons into her purse. 52 more words


Ima Look the Same Sittin' Down

A “guest” walks up to the host stand with a plate of mostly eaten fries in her hand.

Woman: (rudely interrupting the hosts helping another guest) ‘Scuse me!! 183 more words


Dear Customer From Hell

It will probably fill your evil heart with glee, but its 4AM and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Why you ask? Because your high-pitched caterwauling gave me nightmares. 588 more words

A Slice Of Life

Um Excuse me This Salad is Toooo Cold

I had a lady complain that her salad was too cold, and now she had to let it sit and warm up before she could eat it. WTF!?



If I Spoke my Mind

If I said everything I thought during one shift I would be fired 79 times.