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Monsanto Beans @profjsm #code71

Today in class we watched a documentary that showed us all behind the scenes in meat packaging. This video showed everything from how the employees and animals are treated and the horrifyimg facts about slaughterhouses. 194 more words

Bullets, Blood and Then cry of 'Heil Hitler'

The article “Bullets, Blood and Then cry of ‘Heil Hitler’ is a remarkably horrifying story on a white 73-year-old man who was arrested on suspicion of shooting dead three people outside of two Jewish community facilities.   147 more words

The story behind that horrifying Emma Watson GIF is even weirder than the GIF itself

A GIF of Emma Watson morphing into Sophia Vergara transfixed and horrified the Internet Wednesday, with reactions generally a variation of “…what is this?” The GIF is so thoroughly creepy and borderline NSFW, in fact, that my editor did not allow me to embed it in this post — though i…

Lesbian Jungle

This is a first hand account with my experiences, there is no right or wrong.

Some key points in “her”story: When I was about 9, I saw a news segment that impacted my life forever. 908 more words



My cat just saved me from this satan spawn, then I had to save my cat from it, obviously. Afterwards, I looked it up and realized it might have saved me from spiders and other disgusting house bugs… had I let it live.

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Humanity’s Horrifying Militarized Future is Here: Stealth Tank Can Disguise Itself or Disappear at the Touch of a Button

Source: Daily Mail:

The PL0-01 prototype tank is a three person, 35 tonne tank. Covered in a mesh of specially developed tiles, it can make itself look like a car of any other object – simply by changing the temperature of the tiles. 88 more words

World At WAR

Unbelievable! You Thought The Red Wedding Was Shocking? Anime's Got You Covered!

You know how certain blogs tend to come up with a gazillion different variations on a list with the “Most Shocking Deaths in TV History” just so they can keep reminding you how outrageous the Red Wedding scene in… 37 more words