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Doctor Wh-aaargh!


So this is what my name looks like in Russian:

Thanks to editor Stephen Jones, who recently gave me a copy of his 1997 anthology… 58 more words


Micro Scares

One of the first places I placed my writings online was at microhorror.com. Nathan Rosen is microhorror’s editor, a site dedicated toward presenting a vast variety of writers and fiction all with a common goal – to leave the reader with a frightening feeling using a minimum amount of words. 119 more words


Book vs. TV: Hemlock Grove

He had not actually known what to expect in coming here tonight, much less that it would reveal to him two essential truths of life: that men do become wolves and that if you have the privilege to be witness to such a transformation… 923 more words


Questions (Ginger Man 13A)

Charlie’s drive back from Rune’s home (nested within a well-manicured subdivision on the other side of town) left him alone with his thoughts. He knew the questions he was now asking himself were absurd, but he also knew he had no choice but to find answers for them. 309 more words


Want A Copy Of "The Flesh Sutra"?

Just message me or email me at timissocial at gmail dot com.
I will send you an epub forthwith.
If I can get five more reviews on Amazon, my publisher can advertise on BookBub. 30 more words

Connant nodded bitterly. “I’m human. Hurry that test. Your eyes—Lord, I wish you could see your eyes staring—”

Who Goes There?, by John W. Campbell Jr.

Who Goes There? is one of those books now famous(ish) because of the film that was made from it, or films I should say – in this case the 1951 science fiction horror classic The Thing from Another World!, and John Carpenter’s equally strong 1981 remake The Thing. 1,254 more words


Navigation (Ginger Man 12K)

Charlie choose an answer which he hoped would navigate him through the rock-strewn sea channel between Confession and Perjury.

“Only a crazy person would believe Mike’s turned into a Ginger Man. 193 more words