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Real Life Chillers - The Listverse Library

Hello, all.

I was tooling around on Listverse the other day, and  I found a few Top 10 lists that deserved to be added to the Real Life Chillers canon. 385 more words


I Backed Out Of A Suicide Pact With My Best Friend, This Is How I Know She Hasn't Forgiven Me

My name is Kyle and I almost committed suicide when I was seventeen – but instead, I killed another human being. You might assume I’ve been telling my tale from a prison cell for the past few years, that I have parents who are deeply ashamed of me, or that I could never get a proper grip or career choice on my life and I’m just rotting away. 1,675 more words

The Planning Stage

The new novella is currently locked in the mental outline phase while I try to figure a more few things out about this horror I’m unleashing. 78 more words

Patrick Rutigliano

Interesting Links December 16, 2014

Just some things that Red Molly found for me, that I’d like to share with you.

The first, 100 Overlooked/Underappreciated Horror Movie Gems, is the most interesting of all, at least to me.  389 more words


Mayhem Monday: Footprints in the snow

It’s #MayhemMonday, and you’re feeling a bit creeped out.

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Serial Addiction -- Your Weekly Read

Weekend Writing Warriors- December 14, 2014

 Weekend Writing Warriors –  It would be great to connect with other horror readers/writers.  I struggle to capture the ominous tone, create the appropriately spooky setting, and introduce characters who don’t annoy you…   … 99 more words