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The Concrete Path (Ginger Man 11A)

As he steered his red pickup truck into the Pleasant Hill subdivision, Charlie felt his stomach sour, as if preparing to vomit. He realized this was the one place he had been subconsciously avoiding since the night of the accident. 392 more words


Go Back to School With Hometown!

Summer is over, and all of the kids are going back to school.  In commemoration, check out Hometown and the story of the Belford incident, that dark time twenty years ago when something terrible rolled in with the chilly autumn mists. 11 more words


10 Books.

So, this thing has been going around on the tweetbook, wherein you ante up your ten “defining/influential” books, from your life. Given how much I read (a lot. 1,435 more words

Waking (Ginger Man 10)

Charlie. He assumed the voice was an echo from a fleeting dream, so he kept sleeping. And then he started a new dream, about his football coach grabbing him by the shoulders, telling him to get in the game. 288 more words


Jacob Part 4

I woke up to the sound of screaming, my mom was downstairs and crying hysterically, sheer terror and fear emanated from her cries and practically shook the whole house. 1,610 more words


A Bad Ending (Ginger Man 9M)

The Sleeping Jaywalker ran forward, catching his captors (who assumed he was still sleeping) by surprise. The man in the leather jacket did not see him coming, and fell quickly at the Sleeping Jaywalker’s tackle, the knife falling from his hand and clattering against the concrete floor. 314 more words


Walking through the Valley of Death; A review of Adam Baker's "Impact"

Impact is the fourth in Adam Baker’s Revenant apocalypse series.   The ‘zombies’ here are caused by an alien plague falling to Earth with the wreckage of a Russian space station. 547 more words

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