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A Surprising Sentence (Ginger Man 9E)

The Sleeping Jaywalker was surprised at how calm he felt as he lay down on his bed, still wearing his clothes of course. He didn’t know what would happen during his sleepwalk that evening, knew there was a good chance he might not ever wake up again in the land of the living. 238 more words


The Trap (Ginger Man 9D)

Determination triumphing over anxiety, Charlie returned in his underwear to the sofa in his trailer, and resumed writing.

“I don’t know who killed them, but I can lead you to him.” 232 more words


I Videotaped Myself Sleeping During A Night Terror... It Wasn't A Night Terror

I’m not sure why they started, just that they did. Around the time I turned 16. One night I slept like a baby, the next I was awake and yet not, my wide staring eyes fixed in the corner of my bedroom ceiling on the dark snakelike thing that slithered from one shadow to the next. 1,362 more words

A Voice in the Dark (Ginger Man 9C)

Then the Sleeping Jaywalker

Charlie stopped writing. He looked down at the notebook.

Then the Sleeping Jaywalker

Charlie yawned, looked over at a clock above the sink in his trailer. 234 more words


Werewolf Wednesday: Excerpt from The Wolf at War

For #WerewolfWednesday, I present an excerpt from The Wolf at War, the final book in The Runes Trilogy about werewolves.

A few moments later, he arrived at the plaza in the center of downtown named for the God of War, and the carnage made the name ring true.

254 more words
Serial Addiction -- Your Weekly Read

The Spectral Link - Thomas Ligotti

To be at odds with the status quo of one’s world can be frustrating to the point of madness. Fear, hate, and desperation are just a few of the mental states that fall to those who would have things other than they are.

1,025 more words
The Weird

Baja-flavored Zombies

If you’ve ever vacationed in the Sea of Cortez, especially sailing amongst the Midriff Islands, you’ve encountered bobitos. Yes, those annoying little flies, gnats, bugs…whatever you’d like to call them. 157 more words