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80s Claymation Monsters

Do you want to relive 80s horror but have less than five minutes? Then this is the video for you! Made by the awesome Trent Shy (@TrentShy), the claymation really captures the magic of the era. 26 more words


46 years old and still scaring: Rosemary's Baby

(FYI,this is full of spoilers)

I started watching Roman Polanski’s brilliant 1968 adaptation of Ira Levin’s novel the other night on a whim. I have seen the film many times and my intent was to just watch the first 20 minutes or so because it was very close to my bedtime. 652 more words


DANGER ZONE! An Official Selection at the Paterson Falls Film Festival 2014!

Last weekend, the Paterson Falls Film Festival posted a list of nominees for their 2014 film festival. My science fiction horror film DANGER ZONE made the list! 37 more words

Ryan Polukord

Chekov's Boat Anchor

This is not a review of “Oculus” because I consider myself one of the worst reviewers on the net. Instead this is a quick of cataloguing of fears exploited in the film that we horror writers might want to consider for future abuse. 261 more words

Josef Matulich


Hello horror folks and welcome to another edition of the weekly  horror rental list. It was a busy week for us as we start to prepare for TFW but we wanted to tell you about some things to rent while your getting ready to hunt for eggs on Sunday. 807 more words

Horror Movie Reviews

VIDEO: Can You Imagine "The Sound Of Music" As A Horror Film?

It’s interesting what a little editing can do to a movie!

Check out this movie trailer for “The Sound of Music.” Someone took the time to re-edit scenes from the movie to make it seem more dark.  37 more words


Oculus (2014) : Horror Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

“Oculus offered such a great plot with a twist of horror. It delivered a good scare and your heart beat will skip so many beats because of the surprise element in it. 1,079 more words