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Epic first episode of fan made web series ‘Slash/Up’ “Episode 1 Sarah Connor Vs Jason Voorhees"

Fan made films are nothing new to the world of horror but no one can deny their crossover appeal. The comics lead the way with mash ups like Alien vs Predator, Ash vs Freddy vs Jason, Hack/Slash and the like. 543 more words

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Ashley: Don’t worry, daddy. I’ll make you famous again.

Director: Scott Derrickson

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, Fred Dalton Thompson

Synopsis: A true crime writer trying to reclaim his prior success moves into a home where grisly murders happened.

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Pilot: "Z Nation"

Some networks are known for only one type of program. When you go and watch something new on it, you can’t be all that surprised by what you get. 501 more words


'Hemlock Grove': Episodes 9 and 10

The last two episodes tied up pretty much everything in the series, but still left me thinking, “wait, what? Why did I watch this?”

Here’s the quick wrap-up because this thing doesn’t deserve a hell of a lot of words: 234 more words

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'The Killers Resolute' Episode 9 preview

The incredible conclusion of THE KILLERS RESOLUTE is upon us. We hope you all have enjoyed the ride as much as us but the time has come. 106 more words

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Don’t miss ‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 8

Yes folks we hate to say that the fantastic crime thriller THE KILLERS RESOLUTE is approaching its conclusion. While we know you guys have been enjoying the ride so far there is still a few things left to accomplish. 151 more words

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‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 7 preview

The fantastic crime series from Chris Grega and 88mm Productions THE KILLERS RESOLUTE returns tonight with episode seven! As we wind down the last few episodes of this amazing epic we finally start to see more on the fate of our lovely victim. 111 more words

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