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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Review

Like most people who would be interested in this article, I was introduced to Five Nights at Freddy’s through Youtube. Some forced their reactions, but most were genuinely scared by the malicious animatronics which prowled through the night, awaiting their time to strike. 540 more words


Jump scares are the absolute worst

Obligatory warning message: there will be a video clip that features jump scares. If anyone tries saying they were shocked, surprised, or not expecting such things from this point forward, I reserve every right to call bullshit on such claims. 683 more words

One Hundred Days Of Blogging

The Doc Speaks: Can Survival Horror... Survive Itself?

As many other writers have mentioned, the video game genre of “survival horror” has struggled immensely; especially in the last few years. Is the genre gone for good? 1,617 more words


Is gaming the new king of horror?

Written by Tommy Parker

Horror permeates most media outlets, I can take examples from the great literary classics like Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” (albeit scarier in its time, and with less muppets) and blockbuster hits like Paranormal Activity, but none are as scary, or as great, as the horror genre in video games. 1,204 more words


[Review] Alan Wake Was My Disturbing Boyfriend (Xbox 360)

Confession time.

I have been happily married for years to a wonderful guy. But, for the better part of one month, I was obsessed with a… 608 more words

PC Games

Game Review: Lollipop Chainsaw

Platforms: PS3 & Xbox 360

It’s kind of hard for me to play games, because I don’t want to play anything unless it’s horror-related. I did play GTA5, and I really liked it, but…that’s the only exception so far. 232 more words


Arcane Arcade: A Nightmare On Elm Street (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Release Year

LJN Games


Nintendo Entertainment System 1,178 more words