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Flintspired Writer: Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko

While some people can place a foot in two separate worlds, few can match writer Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko’s ability to thrive equally in each . At all times, Fulci/Stashko, resides in one realm as dark as evil itself, while basking in another that shines with the light of a life redeemed. 974 more words


That time I made a shortlist and completely neglected to mention it

So, a few weeks ago (a month? something?) I had the totally surprising honor of becoming a finalist in the Australian Shadows Awards, in the category of Best Short Story for my most recently published piece ‘ 235 more words

Finding Ideas For Horror Stories: The 'What If' Strategy

Sometimes, we overthink things as writers.

It goes something like this: You run across a call for submissions in some local rag, and the deadline is just far enough out there that you know you have just enough time to put together a half-decent story. 920 more words


Unwritten Stories That Will Never See The Light of Day (maybe)

Prodigy. Genius. Talented. Gifted. Blessed. While it’s true these words describe me to a T, there are times when greatness does not come easily (no, really, it’s true) and some of the ideas that spill forth from my gray matter fall far from the greatness for which I am known. 613 more words

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ThrowbackThursday – John Saul

When I was in elementary/jr high, there were two main horror trains a young reader who had outgrown kids’ books could hop on: Stephen King or John Saul. 301 more words

Throwback Thursday