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Chantal Noordeloos on Horror Writing

Angel Manor, Lucifer Falls book 1

by Chantal Noordeloos

A beautiful house – with a dark and deadly secret. Those who enter will be lucky to escape with their lives. 852 more words


Core Elements of a Horror Story

Strip away events, characters, and settings in all horror stories to compare the bare bones.  See a pattern?  The structural bones in these stories are the same.    997 more words

Writing Process

Halloween: An Ancient Chinese Festival

This sure doesn’t look like a English countryside skull now does it.

A whole new writing genre is looking for its voice.


R.L Stine Tweets Horror Story

“People call me a loser, but that’s going to change. I was in a little diner downtown and I ordered an egg salad sandwich…

..I was about to bite down on it when I noticed something moving in the egg salad. 249 more words


Alright let’s talk horror. What makes a good horror story? Think back to the stories that scared, or currently scare, you. What was it about them that sent a chill down your spine? 646 more words

Art Effects: Flash Fiction for Grammar Ghoul Challenge #2

“It’s by Francis Bacon,” Mialy pointed to the violet hologram and elevated her voice, “ ’cept for the shrieking, of course. That’s a modern addition.” 751 more words