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The Flavour of Spite - Six

I am a creature of meticulous research. While it would be wonderful to woo my love in the conventional sense and gradually bring her to our home to be through the more normal rites of romantic passage, I am realistic enough to know that leaves a good deal to chance. 853 more words


The Hanged Girl - Five

Lisa was concerned. Mandy didn’t seem to want to talk about school. And not wanting to talk about something – anything really – was not like Mandy. 748 more words


The Flavour of Spite - Five

The readiness is all.

I have a weakness here, I have to admit. My conditioning has had this impact, this effect, where my mind finds it hard to settle for long enough to truly plan and achieve. 764 more words



This was a blog of random musings comparing genres of horror fiction and the like to the variety of genres in heavy metal music (two of my biggest passions), which was originally posted on J. 1,967 more words

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The Hanged Girl - Four

‘I like your raven hair,’ the blonde girl said to Mandy, her voice very sweet but with the threat of something else beneath it.

They were in the school cafeteria, and it was the beginning of Mandy’s second week at school. 782 more words


Flavour of Spite - Four

A terrible night needs to be assuaged by pleasure. And now for me the greatest pleasure was a visit to my favourite patisserie. No longer just for the wonderful food, of which there was aplenty, but also in the hope of snatching a glimpse of her, the perfect one, the chef in training, the girl in the calico apron. 873 more words


The Hanged Girl - Three

‘Sheesh!’ Susan exclaimed ,almost spilling her coffee, ‘I didn’t realise you’d move into that street, and so close to that house!’

It was Saturday morning, the first weekend after her first week on the new job, and Lisa finally had a chance to catch up with her friend who had moved to this country town following University in Sydney and who had extolled its virtues to her as an ‘oasis of calm after the drama of the past few years for you’. 1,119 more words