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Who´s afraid of chestnuts?

I have a large chestnut tree in my garden and at this time of year the ground is covered with chestnuts. Not the tasty ones – at least not to humans – since it´s horse chestnuts. 89 more words


Sweet as a nut!

After I found out on one of my recent Pinspirations that conkers repel spiders I have been a woman on a mission to find a horse chestnut tree and collect them to fulfil their plight as spider defenders of our flat. 283 more words


Day One Hundred and Eighty-Nine: Horse Chestnuts

Sticking out of the mud like unexploded mines, your green sea-urchins open to reveal glossy, chestnut-coated flanks; foals that will be measured not in hands but in the number of other conkers they conquer. 89 more words


Conker Season

We are continuing with the autumn theme this week, in line with the colder weather and shorter days creeping up upon us. Although it becomes increasingly tempting to stay inside to escape the cold and wind, there’s plenty of interesting plants and wildlife to see out and about this time of year. 384 more words


Garlic Is Being Used in the U.K. to Cure Trees of Deadly Diseases

It might not be great for vampires, but it turns out garlic can be very good for trees.

Trees in the U.K. are being injected… 172 more words