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Problems With Networks

This morning we took a trip by car to the municipal dump which is a short distance away, between home and Lymington. Following our tidy up of the skip pile we took down the back seats of the Modus and loaded it with the dog-sodden carpet ( 815 more words

Baby conkers

Last month (13th May) I posted a picture of horse-chestnut candles, and I thought you might like to see how they’re progressing. As you can see, the baby conkers are still in the candle shape, but are hidden away inside their green spiky armour. 44 more words


Chestnut Trees and a Fence

This may seem a strange title for a post but I had decided to write a post about my favourite flowering tree, the Horse Chestnut but then I came across a beautiful rustic ancient fence made from the wood of a chestnut tree. 307 more words


After the bluebells: the woods at midsummer

I’m not sure where the past month has gone. Oh dear, why does midsummer always take me by surprise? One moment I am bumbling along thinking, ‘Ooh, the year is starting to get rolling now, isn’t it, we’re into May already, I suppose that’s Spring well under way.’ The next moment, ‘Aaghh! 493 more words

#29 Watercolours

Side by side, we sat and painted the view out the window.

Sunday afternoon ebbed toward evening.

Shadows that outlined the frames  shifted through aqua pura… 318 more words