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Loving London

I am not a born Londoner, and for much of the time I like to believe I’d prefer living elsewhere. That is until I make the effort to deviate from my normal home-to-work route and experience the city anew. 236 more words


Silent Trees

Where I live, our main street is flanked by trees that have withstood heavy urban development and traffic for over 80 years. They stand silent witness to our daily swayings. 7 more words


Reaching out to the light

Fresh young horse chestnut leaves growing over the river that runs through the village.

Candle and corona

Another from this brief series of photos of horse chestnut buds bursting into leaf. The flower “candle” can be seen growing out of the centre of the bud.

Kelp, Gotu Kola, Flax Seed, and Horse Chestnut Skin Regime - Will it Tighten and Firm?

Summer is right around the corner….and that means I will be living in my bathing suit. Well, at least part-time anyways. I have three children who LOVE Zuma Beach and I have two great summer excursions planned. 212 more words


Bursting leaf bud

I liked the symmetry of this horse chestnut bud breaking into leaf.

Two buds

Two horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) leaf buds breaking in the early spring. This particular tree reaches out over the river that runs through the village and this, and similar photos to follow, were taken from the road bridge.