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"What Got You In To Clicker Training ?"

This is what got me in to clicker training….

“Most horse training, I explain, is based on pressure and release of pressure.  I put my hand on her shoulder.  394 more words

The End....Reinforcement

I was re-reading sections of Kay Laurence’s book, The Clicker Revolution this afternoon.  It’s such a great book packed with all sorts of “obvious, but why didn’t I see it before” sections as well as some stand out statements to really get us thinking. 62 more words

The Power of Habit and Training

“This process within our brains is a 3 step loop.  First a cue, a trigger that tells your brain to go into to automatic mode and which habit to use.  206 more words

Rune, a new foal at Idle Moon, imprinting and the future....

Five weeks ago,  Glasswing’s foal, Rune, was born. Sara and I were there at her birth to towel and dry her off, dip her umbilical stump in iodine and make sure she found Glasswing’s udder for her crucial first colostrum. 1,135 more words

Horse Clicker Training

Who is being reinforced?

It’s very fun to observe how people interact with their horses.  There are lots of ways that these interactions can be based in positive reinforcement….but who is the one being reinforced ? 286 more words