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Cheyenne, the basketball and music 'star'

This Christmas season, I am supposed to do a Christmas party show with my beautiful horses Gypsy and Cheyenne.  However, I can’t wait to start using my friend Tina’s miniature Poochie too, because when spring comes he will be an amazing performer. 343 more words

Couldn't put it better myself...

Just a short animation this one. The concept is the same with Betsy and your pup- please share it around!

To Spur or Not to Spur

What are rider aids? Natural aids include our leg, seat, hand, basically our whole body in general. Artificial aids include crops, spurs, whips, draw reigns, martingales, flashes, curb chains, bits and more. 831 more words

Not just a dog trainer..

also working with horses(:
this is my girl. wonder wall. I actually got a job offer to move to Kentucky for $300 a day, to train horses 😳 holy cow.

A Little Bit About Warrior's Training

To me there is no better feeling in this world than when you’ve been putting a ton of time, dedication and hard work into training a horse and you get to the moment where you accomplish what you set out to train your horse to do and they understand it and preform it so beautifully! 477 more words

Arabian Horse

Daniel Bladon's blog: The end of a great year

As 2014 draws to a close we catch up one last time with Shearwater Sponsorship Winner, Daniel Bladon…

“So that’s the 2014 eventing season done and dusted! 699 more words

Reagan Training #9

Did more review work. She didn’t invade my space or push in with her shoulders near as much today, big improvement.  Canter is coming on the lunge line slowly. 94 more words