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Horse Training, Colder Weather, and Being Sick

Hey lovelies, as I’m typing this I’m in my bed in an awkward half sitting half laying down position, with three blankets on me and wearing my favorite hoodie. 733 more words


Jewels: Obstacle Training

Jewels and I began a new training session this morning. I started with some ground work using a flag. We did some walk, trot and canter lessons for a short time. 538 more words

Daily Rambling

Road Rash

Properly caring for a hind leg fetlock wound can be tricky, because of it’s location, and especially if the horse somehow keeps taking the vet wrap off.  539 more words

Horse Ramblings

Question The "Norm"

How easy it is for one to believe? In today’s generation, the decision seems to be made by those who are classified as professionals, those who are our teachers, marked with degree, or maybe the ones we call our trainers. 327 more words


A Breakthrough

Major and I made a breakthrough this past week, I’m able to keep him moving forward, slowing to a walk from a jog which has been a problem for Major but this week he is doing much better at it.  167 more words


Jewels is so smart!

It’s been another great day working with Jewels. She is getting so soft and responsive. I’ve been working with her at liberty. She seems to be more willing to do things at her own pace. 640 more words

Daily Rambling

Canter Troubles Part 2: One aid, one response. Establishing leg reaction and starting bending exercises.

If you haven’t read the Part 1 of The Canter Troubles you are best to start there (CLICK) so you have a full picture of what is being discussed. 1,701 more words

Coaching The Rider