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Patience Has It's Rewards

Still working on lateral flexion. I should be aggrevated I suppose, that we haven’t made any progress in the cowhorse U training, but we’ve uncovered alot of holes in Baby’s training, and in other areas have progressed quite  alot. 99 more words


Just trying to help.....

 I help people all the dang time. Sometimes it is because I just like doing it, others it is because I just can’t help going to watch crazy people. 1,566 more words

Have a Lovely Horsey Easter Everyone!

Sometimes, there is this perfect day at the stable. Just like today. The horse was in good mood, me, too. The weather was just perfectly springish, with dandelions blooming everywhere, and, best of all, my husband came with me :) happens far to little for my taste. 109 more words



I think I’m a mare.

There’s a difference between the geldings and me, but I don’t know what it is.

All I know is I like geldings more than mares. 238 more words


Through exploring +R, I’ve been introduced to manypeople who train their horses this way. Some are puritans and some mix +R with -R. There’s arguments for and against on either side but so long as it works for you and your horse, it is not our place to judge. 1,184 more words

+r Training

'Feel', above all

‘Feel’, above all, comes from our hearts, our breaths, our softness and our tension, we should ‘feel’ with every atom of our body.

‘Direction’ comes from our body language. 609 more words