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Green Ex-Racehorse Reacts to Helicopter

This weekend is my one-month anniversary with Tiz a Knight, my 7 year-old gelding who is the son of the legendary Breeder’s Cup Classic-winning stallion Tiznow (more on the impressive family tree in another post. 617 more words


The joy of the meme

Those of you that follow my Facebook page  https://m.facebook.com/HelenSpenceHorseSense will be aware of a post that I made recently about how I’d realised that an idea that I’d developed a few years ago had spread much farther than I’d have believed possible at that time. 1,311 more words

Two simple proprioception exercises for young and/or balance challenged horses using poles

pro·pri·o·cep·tion  n.

The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself.

STEP 1. Warm up: about 10min (5min if your horse is very settled and happy to get going)

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Horse Training

VIEWING THE WORLD-from between a horses ears


I will be completely frank right upfront, I am not a horse expert. I will even admit that I am not a horse  1,893 more words



Remy has taught me so many things, but among the most important is the journey that is possible if you have faith in your horse. When you believe your horse is kind-hearted and willing, athletic and able, then when he won’t do something you CAN’T blame him, and instead must think really hard about WHY he won’t do whatever it is you’re asking for. 254 more words


Philosophy Basics Part 1

Horse Types

Each horse has a unique personality, that is a set of traits and qualities that determine how that horse moves and reacts to pressure. 135 more words

Bavarian Meadows

100 Followers, All About Horses, and Photography

Hey lovelies, once again I’m posting my Monday post on Tuesday. Why? Because I can’t seem to stick to my own schedule. Although I did spend most of my day doing school work, and most of the work was tests. 1,389 more words