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Finding Freedom in my Harness

It’s been a rough week. Hasn’t it, kitties?

Actually, no, it’s been really quite a good week. We just have a couple less reproductive organs in our house is all. 830 more words


Lunging – or the art of horse-skiing

Whether you love it or hate it, lunging is an important part of training. From starting the young horse and establishing groundwork, to keeping the competition horse fit, lunging, when done properly, can have impressive results. 408 more words



Tricky Fish Farm introduces an interactive site for riders and friends as enthusiasts who have busy lifestyles but still want to keep in touch.

Let’s Talk Dressage! 29 more words


There's a new world out there for miniature friends

For the last two weeks I have been telling you about the two minis that I am working with, Poochie and Shmigley.   I have never had the opportunity to work with minis until the last couple of years.  389 more words

the right tack

It’s both frustrating and enlightening how big a difference a saddle can make in the way your horse goes.  The first dressage saddle I bought was a PA Spirig, and well, it served the purpose even if it did put me in a horrible chair seat.  381 more words


RH Winter I -Highs & Lows

This weekend, I competed Monte at Training and Alloy at Novice, and I came in with high expectations.  My “high” expectations are relative, not unrealistic: I wanted Monte to knock out one of my qualifying rides toward Prelim – under 50% dressage, no more than 16 faults stadium and no runouts/refusals xc.  1,244 more words


6 Imperatives for the Riding Horse

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monty Roberts believes there are 6 imperatives for the riding horse. No matter what the discipline is, there are six basic things that a horse must reasonably do for one to be able to ride: “It is absolutely essential that your horse go forward, be able to turn left and right, stop, back up, and stand still.” Today, Khaleesi and I went back to the arena and I am ready to say that she has at least a basic level of all six. 1,884 more words

Endurance Horse