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What can the horse give you NOW?

As a trainer I’ve had my share of wake-up calls. By that I mean either the delightful “ah-ha” moments when an idea or concept suddenly makes sense, or the other type of events based on experience, so called “learn burns” or near misses that changed my views. 460 more words

Clicker Training Horses

Back to Basics: Lateral Flexion

When things get troubled in training, when the horse loses his confidence, its best to go back to something that the horse knows, something that he feels confident about. 583 more words


Dusty arenas

Riding in a dusty arena – a sort of mineral skin treatment but not in a good way.

Getting the right moisture out there is… 108 more words


The Faraway Horses

Buck Brannaman’s The Faraway Horses is one of my favourite books. I had it read within a few days. The last few pages had me bawling like a baby – and I’m not usually much for crying. 241 more words


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors -Robert Frost

He grazes on his side, she grazes on her side.

Once in a while, he’ll wander to the fence, call for her, and she’ll wander over. 114 more words

Horse Training

Even The Vet Said "Wallop Him!"

If you read my previous post about Nash, you’ll know that he’s coming off of more than a year long layoff, and I’m trying to get… 863 more words

My Journey

A Colt Named Teddy Bear

“He needs a new name, that’s for sure.” I said to Grandpa Cowboy as he drove the truck and trailer towards home. He laughed, and told me that my colt would name himself. 439 more words

Horse Training