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'Shaking it up' with our equine friends

I have been telling you about the intelligence of several horses that I have read about and researched.  Now it’s time to tell you what I really love to do with my horses.  901 more words

Animal Trainer

DIY Rain Chain

Growing up with a creative mom is a great gift. Projects and DIYs have been a big part of our relationship over the years. You can bounce ideas off of each other and get to learn more about one another: from picking out materials to communicating and problem solving. 281 more words


Girl's Sunday at the Stable, Part 2

It’s a girl’s Sunday at the stable again!

I love that me and Karolina seem to have a habit of driving out to the stable at the weekends.  144 more words



I have been thinking more about the training process of Biscuit in relation to the end goal of using him for THR and Equine-Assisted Learning. I keep coming back to the principle of Join-Up which was what Biscuit and I did in our 1st visit when he was too nervous too be touched and he has been thriving from ever since. 76 more words

Biscuit's Training

Green Ex-Racehorse Reacts to Helicopter

This weekend is my one-month anniversary with Tiz a Knight, my 7 year-old gelding who is the son of the legendary Breeder’s Cup Classic-winning stallion Tiznow (more on the impressive family tree in another post. 617 more words


The joy of the meme

Those of you that follow my Facebook page  https://m.facebook.com/HelenSpenceHorseSense will be aware of a post that I made recently about how I’d realised that an idea that I’d developed a few years ago had spread much farther than I’d have believed possible at that time. 1,311 more words

Two simple proprioception exercises for young and/or balance challenged horses using poles

pro·pri·o·cep·tion  n.

The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself.

STEP 1. Warm up: about 10min (5min if your horse is very settled and happy to get going)

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