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Keep Your Horse’s Brains IN His Head

Keeping Your Horse’s Brains IN His Head

September 13, 2012-Origanal Post by Horse and Rider.com

In your riding and training, do you stay aware of how your horse thinks, feels, and reacts? 449 more words


What's the Point of all This?

There are times I ask myself that question, especially on the days when my horse(s) and I aren’t communicating effectively and things go wrong. I may blame her and let my emotions (usually sheer frustration) cloud the big picture; what I really should be seeing and what’s needed FROM ME to correct it. 443 more words


Following the leader?

If you are one of the thousands who bought into the “lead mare, “alpha”, “dominant/submissive” theories touted by the “Natural” horsemanship folk, then you may not like what I’m about to tell you. 1,445 more words

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How do you solve a problem like Talaria? Part 2

I spent a lot of time researching trainers in my area, trying to find someone that would start Tally under saddle in the manner I wanted. 2,135 more words

My Journey

Powder Gets Refreshed - Training Day 4

Training Day 4 – 50 Minutes

This is actually from two days ago, August 25th. By now my memory is shot and this will be a short and incomplete post, I’m sad to say. 345 more words


Trail Ride

Major and I went on a trail ride on Sunday!!  It was great, Major did great a little nervous but he did very well.  We came to a branch in the trail and the horse we were out with decided she didn’t want to go the way we wanted to go and backed up refusing to move forward, so Major took the lead and did very well, he was alert to his surroundings but he didn’t get frightened!  81 more words


Arizona Rides the Open Highway

Today was a GREAT day! I took Arizona out for another long evening ride and it was beautiful and fun. Very relaxing and it took my mind off some things to boot. 304 more words