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It’s back! That’s right, a food scandal has returned

As you may have heard today, 17.04.14, the Food Standards Agency in the UK has detailed results of an investigation into lamb curries. After testing one-hundred-and-forty-five takeaway lamb curries it was discovered forty-three had been ‘wrongly described’. 495 more words
Gareth Barlow

Canada's National Equestrian Federation Continues to Support Slaughter With Invalidated GAO Data

Written by :  Heather Clemenceau

Last month, Equine Canada, the comprehensive national governing body for equestrianism, replied to a direct question from Alex Atamanenko on Bill C-571, who asked for confirmation on their stance on the new horse slaughter Bill C-571. 815 more words

‘Tainted horsemeat’ kills 5 in Philippines

Source: Multiple

Horsemeat is not commonly eaten in the Philippines…”

Cotabato – Five people are believed to have died from eating tainted horsemeat in the Philippines while as many as 60 may have consumed it, a local official said on Wednesday. 181 more words

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Baguette Out And Don't Come Back.

This is a light-hearted letter of complaint. Read the reply I received here.

Dear ,

I have previously complained about the sandwich department of my local store, a… 1,162 more words


Image Description number 3

Another week has been, its time to discuss another one of my images from the project ‘Through The Looking Glass’.

Not in the best of moods to write today but its a Wednesday and I dont want to let people down.. 675 more words

Veganism- ready for the change?

So I can’t eat meat, just fruit and vegetables, sound boring? it really doesn’t have to be! In today’s current world, almost anything is achievable, we can recreate foods and find alternatives so there isn’t really a reason for us not to be compassionate human beings. 423 more words

Horsemeat from US is a 'Health Risk' to French

as published in The Local – French news in English

A French animal rights’ group claimed on Thursday that horsemeat imported to France from North and South America comes from animals treated with a dangerous drug that’s banned from human consumption. 452 more words
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