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Pet food mislabeling - it happens!

Researchers in Chapman University’s Food Science Program have recently published a study on pet food mislabeling. The study focused on commercial pet foods marketed for dogs and cats to identify meat species present as well as any instances of mislabeling. 525 more words


Why are we all so squeamish about eating doggies?

As the title suggests, the following post contains both distressing images and some controversial points of view, which are not necessarily in line with my own, but exaggerated to make a point. 666 more words


Feral British Columbia Horses Are Pawns In Battle With Penticton Indian Band

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

A mix of nearly 600 feral and privately owned horses were counted on Penticton Indian Band (PIB) lands in March during an aerial survey that’s expected to feature in the development of a new plan to manage their numbers. 1,219 more words

Scientists Root Out Horsemeat Fraud

Food scientists have built on the recent introduction of mass spectrometry for meat authentication to help root out food fraudulent practices.

As the United Kingdom forms a new crime unit designed to fight food fraud — in response to an uproar last year over horse meat being passed off as beef … 7 more words



“Since the horsemeat issue we have seen 55 thousand tests being carried out on horsemeat products, and no horsemeat has been found in those.” ( 13 more words

Elliot Review reinforces need for stable funding for trading standards

The much anticipated release of the Elliott Review reinforces the fact that funding for trading standards is at a critical juncture.

The review, which was commissioned after the dreaded horsemeat scandal of 2013, sought to make recommendations to the food industry regarding… 361 more words

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