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Scientists Root Out Horsemeat Fraud

Food scientists have built on the recent introduction of mass spectrometry for meat authentication to help root out food fraudulent practices.

As the United Kingdom forms a new crime unit designed to fight food fraud — in response to an uproar last year over horse meat being passed off as beef … 7 more words



“Since the horsemeat issue we have seen 55 thousand tests being carried out on horsemeat products, and no horsemeat has been found in those.” ( 13 more words

Elliot Review reinforces need for stable funding for trading standards

The much anticipated release of the Elliott Review reinforces the fact that funding for trading standards is at a critical juncture.

The review, which was commissioned after the dreaded horsemeat scandal of 2013, sought to make recommendations to the food industry regarding… 361 more words

Consumer Protection

May 5: Getting Settled


Maurilio greeted us near our vaporetto stop and served as guide through the maze of alleys that led us to our temporary home. We immediately liked him: friendly, expressive, and passionate about Venice. 125 more words


A Kyrgyz Wedding in Pictures

(actual events far more boring than pictures may suggest)

Last night we got stuck at a Kyrgyz wedding. I say “stuck” because neither of us had any intention of going. 863 more words


Can data mapping and technology stop another horsemeat scandal?

The answer, according to Chris Wells, head of Food Safety and Product Integrity at Leatherhead Food Research, is “probably not,” but we can vastly reduce the risk by changing the way food is currently tested and by increasing communications between government agencies and the food industry. 897 more words

Trading Standards Institute

Dad's Visit, Guild of American Luthiers and an Esherick Inspired Table

Having completed my bench (mostly anyway – I still intend to add a tool rack), I’ve been happy to get back to building furniture.  I’ve got a little shaker style writing table that I started a while back during a lull in bench building.   524 more words