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O is for Oh, Oh Ornery Olivia

And so another fitful night passes in the truck and still no piglets. This waiting around reminds me of my mare’s gestation. Horses are notorious for being flexible in their due dates and, apparently, though nature more or less decides what day the foal will arrive, the mare can control the hour. 680 more words


The Guardians

In a few days a painting will be completed of these two horses.
In the following months that painting, with a few others, will be auctioned off. 91 more words

Bentley~ A Rescue

Bentley was a rescued horse.

A friend of mine had gone camping by horseback in the mountains with her sister. Her sister worked with the rangers in the local mountains of Kern County. 1,266 more words

Scratching Itches

William is very happy. Really VERY happy. Harri (his groom at the track) says that he was visibly sad and worried before he went for surgery. 218 more words


Birthday Girl!

So Monday was Posy’s 3rd birthday. To me that’s totally crazy, mainly because I remember being woken around this time 3 years ago to my dad, who practically had tears in his eyes, saying, “Rosie! 188 more words


Kentucky Horse Park

Last month, guest Kathryn Jane told us interesting facts about the Kentucky Derby. This week I’d like to talk about the Kentucky Horse Park… 412 more words

Respect \ri-ˈspekt\

One of the most misused and misunderstood terms I hear tossed about in the equine industry, is the term ‘respect’. Similar to the idea of dominance in dogs and other species, ‘respect’ has become a catch all term, used to describe any and all undesired equine behavior. 823 more words