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Summer fun and fall plans

Happy August! The sun is shining, the tomatoes are growing, and many of us are enjoying some time away from the usual round of activity and doing summer things: sitting on a beach, working in the garden, swimming in nearby lakes or driving around the country, or (if you are pale-skinned like me) hiding from the sun! 330 more words

Thursday 31.07.14

I was up and about at six this morning had coffee while checking my blog and emails, went out on my bike for a quick cycle before work, had to be in a bit earlier than usual we had a staff meeting about out new pensions, the rest of my day was busy still making sure everything was in place for when I’m off, got home and sorted the kids dinner out, I decided to treat Lynne and I to a Two Dine In meal from… 38 more words

Every Day Stuff

Life on the ranch...

This time of year it is just too damn hot to do anything around here except laze around the pool….except my pool currently looks like a swamp pond – bullfrogs included.  844 more words

Random Thoughts

The girls go to the Horse Park

My in laws have horses, and my children are obsessed with them. It is not hereditary because horses terrify me. I used to always see the girls at school with neck braces and casts from horseback riding related injuries, and figured being in close proximity with the equine was hazardous. 210 more words


Hi everyone! Due to my recent habit of never posting ever, I thought I would upload a few pictures of the horses I took this past weekend. 52 more words


Wasting Time?

There are some conventions in the horse world that completely baffle me.  One of them is the idea that if you go to view a horse and come away without buying it, you are deemed to be a ‘time waster’.   790 more words


First Flash Animation.

I decided to try to make a short flash animation. Nothing to fancy or anything, just a blinking horse. :) There are 28 slides to this little blinking horse. I used GIMP.