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North Pole Weather 7/28/14

The sun will rise today at 4:34 in the morning, and set 18 hours 38 minutes later at 11:15 this evening. We’re losing almost 7 minutes a day, now. 189 more words


North Pole Weather 7/14/14

The sun rose this morning at 3:49, and will set 20 hours 15 minutes later, a minute after midnight tomorrow morning. It’s still rainy: 4.58” (well over twice the July normal) as of July 12, with more yesterday and even more predicted for next week. 246 more words


North Pole Weather 7/7/14

The sun rose today at 3:27 this morning, and will set 20 hours 57 minutes later at 12:22 tomorrow morning. We’re already losing 6 minutes a day. 241 more words

Weather And Climate

ECHO | North Fort Myers FL

Today, it was all about sustainability and appropriate technology (using what you have to make what you need). ECHO is an amazing farm that teaches missionaries how to make the most of their resources and specific gardening environments while fighting hunger worldwide. 225 more words


First Daylily of the Year

P.S. 7:40 am: we had .01 ” precipitation early last night, which may well give us a new wettest June, and it’s still raining.

Horticulture And Gardening

North Pole Weather 6/30/14

The sun will rise this morning at 3:09, and set 21 hours 39 minutes later at 12:38 tomorrow morning. It’s gotten a good deal warmer and drier this weekend; it hit 80 yesterday. 129 more words


Annual Flowers in Alaska

As you’ve probably noticed by now, my raised beds are built of cement blocks with the holes oriented up and down and filled with topsoil. Very few plants actually survive our 50 below winters, so I buy annuals each summer, mostly in 6-packs, and plant them in the holes of the cement blocks. 218 more words

Horticulture And Gardening