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Martina and the Vacuum Cleaner

The domestic cleaning appliance was still in vogue in later editions of Spick and Span, such as this set featuring one of the very few coloured girls to appear in the magazines, Martina Evans. 89 more words


No reason...it's just pretty.

Don’t know the model. Don’t know the photographer. Don’t know why this lovely lady is lying about in her skimpies, much less why she has tarot cards strewn all over her bed. 32 more words

Cultural Couture

Tessa Continued...

More cleaning, then relaxing with a magazine and a cup of tea. Tessa’s lovely knowing look at the camera in the first two pics turns into a more dirty come-on as she lies on the floor, first with her skirt half-way up and then all the way. 110 more words


Tessa and the Vacuum Cleaner

Another early domestic scene, very well known, featuring the reportedly farmer’s wife Tessa King. Like the Christine Barnett set, this was outside the Bearsden realm and it could well be that Tessa’s husband took these pics (though the room doesn’t look much like any farmhouses I have known — more your well-to-do suburban detached). 134 more words


Christine and the Vacuum Cleaner

Following the recent posting of Alice Richmond tangling with the carpet sweeper (and earlier the sensational Tina Ryatt set), it has always been my intention to return to the use of domestic cleaning appliances which were a staple prop in Spick and Span from the early days through to the latter. 58 more words


Monstrous? No, Voluscious.

Oh, I bet all those Bride of Frankenstein posts from this past weekend, along with my many prior posts about other classic Universal 1930’s – 1940’s ‘Golden Age’ horror films, could have you racing about to buy a new Bela Lugosi-Dracula or Boris Karloff-Frankenstein’s Monster novelty t-shirt, hoodie, baseball cap, socks or wallet (I’ve seen all of… 136 more words


'Spick and Span' Jane

Now here’s something I picked up on the Net sometime ago I cannot now for the love of me remember from where (so if there is any issue regarding their posting please make yourself known and I will either acknowledge or remove them). 105 more words