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More Smiles

A somewhat cheesy grin from Miss Scott. Was she perhaps over-playing it here? It’s difficult to see where this shot was taken and from which set it came (it looks like a shot in the dark!). 188 more words


More Smiles and Giggles

Lovely Louise all glammed up in front of the Bearsden fireplace. Rather unusual in that she is not addressing the camera directly but the effect is still the same. 160 more words


Want a pair of colorful Bush socks? Donate $35 to GOP

George H.W. Bush is doing his part to help Republicans win the 2014 midterm elections — by letting the party give away socks with his signature for a donation of at least $35. 153 more words


Lovely Tina

Spick and Span understood that it was all in the look and the top girls responded perfectly. In this pic from the afore-mentioned famous carpet sweeper set, Tina Ryatt, now minus skirt but regrettably white stilettos too, provides one of the “dirtiest” looks you’ll see. 102 more words


Wear Gerbe

I know that it is spring time but for those of us living in San Francisco and the BayArea, the weather is not always so spring like!   392 more words


Anne and the Vacuum Cleaner

Back to those pesky domestic appliances and perhaps to the most astonishing set of them all. This one features a young lady called Anne Mattingley and the spread appeared in the Winter 1960 edition of BB Extra. 118 more words


UK Tights Easter Egg Hunt

I must confess I’m impressed at the cleverness of the idea.  I don’t know if it’s an old idea that I just haven’t come across yet, but it certainly works well with an on-line store. 98 more words