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Why I love to support childbearing women but hate being a doula

Childbirth is my passion. I talk about it every chance I get, to anyone who will listen. If no one will listen, I will talk to myself about birth. 429 more words


I Had My Baby Standing Up, Part 1

*Disclaimer: I have been pregnant three times; this is the story of those three births. This is a birth story. A real one. An honest… 1,545 more words


baby I

This last weekend I was able to be at the birth of a sweet baby boy in the area – the moment I heard she was in labor I found myself feeling excited to photograph and witness another birth. 36 more words


Testimonial from Alison

I came across Carrie McIntosh, Independent Midwife via the internet and employing her as my midwife for the birth of my second baby will always be one of the best decisions I have made in my life, for both myself and my family. 375 more words


The journey to a beautiful birth: Morgan-Lee's birth story Part I

My eldest daughter’s story actually starts long before she was even born. It’s one of a lot of motherly instinct, trusting my gut, a million prayers, and faith that all shall fall into place. 4,343 more words


Birth story of my first born.

It all started 14 years ago. I was 18 and newly married. Not too long after we were hitched, I found out that we were pregnant. 441 more words

Birth Story

The Birth of Eli (hospital birth with OB, 1991)

Here Nicole shares the story of her firstborn son. Despite the traumatic nature of her experience, Nicole’s storytelling is full of humor and her perspective is inspiring. 2,730 more words

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