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Does fear cause labor pain?

There haven’t been any conclusive studies about attitude affecting labor pain, but it is a central tenant of Natural Child Birth.

The following is an anecdote, but its a pretty powerful one. 236 more words

Hospital Birth

The birth of Hank (quick hospital birth with midwives)

Erin shares the birth story of her son Henry (Hank). Thanks for sharing, Erin!

On Saturday, September 14th (12 days before my due date), I woke up with really bad hip pain. 838 more words


UK midwives insult a father whose son died from negligence

I point out the difference in training between nurse midwives and lay midwives often, and there is a difference in that nurse midwives have more training and more accountability. 118 more words


Who is your Doula and what does she do?

Doula.  A strange sounding word that when thrown out casually causes those not familiar with birth and it’s many facets some confusion.  Even those familiar with birth can be confused with the term.   595 more words


it wouldn't happen to me

I did a lot of research before choosing an out of hospital birth, and unlike a lot of women I know who also did a lot of research, I looked at the anti-home birth side of things to try and get information about their position. 550 more words


The Birth of Hank (2nd baby, hospital birth with family doc attending)

Below is the story of my second-born son, Hank. It was a non-medicated hospital birth and my care provider was our family practitioner. Total labor time was 5.5 hours. 1,680 more words