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Evidence-based maternity care means practices that have been shown by the highest-quality, most current medical research to be most beneficial to mothers and babies (reducing incidences of injuries, complications and death), with care tailored to the individual. 565 more words


The Real Danger in America: Hospital Birth

As tempting as it is to make emotional arguments against the safety of home birth, asFeministe did recently, it’s not home births that are driving America’s high rates of maternal and fetal death. 1,098 more words


Two Years

Two years ago, about this time, I was in a situation that millions of american women face every day. I was fighting an annoyed hospital staff for the right to give birth the way I wanted to, and the way I knew my body was capable. 1,466 more words

Patience is a Virtue: Six is the new Four

Its still April and its still Cesarean Awareness Month and I still want to talk about prevention.  The most common reason a first time mom has a c/section is labor dystocia. 307 more words

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Monday Musing: Prevention Instead of Awareness

It’s APRIL. Its spring and its also Cesarean Awareness Month. Soooooo every year I ask myself. What does that mean? We already know there continues to be far too many c/sections happening in this country.   816 more words

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Why Every Mother Deserves A Doula

DOULA: A woman who serves. A specially trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth.

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Maddi's "Project Pitch"

Sorry about the awful video/sound quality. There was issues with uploading.