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Birth story of my first born.

It all started 14 years ago. I was 18 and newly married. Not too long after we were hitched, I found out that we were pregnant. 441 more words

Birth Story

The Birth of Eli (hospital birth with OB, 1991)

Here Nicole shares the story of her firstborn son. Despite the traumatic nature of her experience, Nicole’s storytelling is full of humor and her perspective is inspiring. 2,730 more words

Birth Stories

How Preterm Labor, Delivery and Loss Changed Our Perception of the Perfect Birth - Part I: Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

Shortly after learning that I was pregnant with twins I found out that the home birth we had hoped for was no longer an option. Twin pregnancies are considered high risk and midwives in the state of Vermont are not licensed to deliver twins at home. 550 more words

Infant Loss

Packing Your Hospital Birth Bag

One of the questions I am asked most often is, “What should I pack to take to the hospital?”

I have heard many great suggestions from students and clients about the things they’ve found most useful to have in their hospital bags. 603 more words

The Birth Story of Royce Brielle

Hospital Water Birth

So, I’m a first time Mom. My birth plan was an all natural water birth. I went to the classes for water birth preparation to see what I should expect, and researched everything I could about how the birth would be, and the risks. 1,008 more words

Birth Story

two births in one night

Recently I had the immense honor of being at two births in the area.  Two moms with due dates over 2 weeks apart, both went into active labor on the same day.   200 more words


Birth Planning, yikes

I knew even before I got pregnant that I wanted to have natural home birth with a midwife. (Insert gasp and dropped jaws) In college I took a Human Sexual Behavior course and our professor played The Business of Being Born, a documentary that explores childbirth in the U.S, and it completely opened my mind to home births, midwifery, and natural birth. 495 more words