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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

The shocks started at 6:50 am.

I wanted to text my husband at his hotel to let him know I had a good night and that I was awake.  1,588 more words

Codeine induced creativity...

I would like to apologies before you read the below, the rather strange nature of it and the abrupt end. It was written last night at 3am and in the interest of honesty I’m pasting it as written but luckily I had the good sense to at least post it after a bit of a sleep and with time for this little disclaimer at the top of it…! 407 more words

I'mmmm Back!!!!

Not many of the nurses liked to hear me say that. But, it was inevitable. I had to be admitted. They sent me to my room and I waited….and I waited….and I waited…along came the Lab person, who was VERY kind as to get me my gown, my warm blankets and get me into bed. 602 more words

A Letter to Someone

So, I have a tendency to think in letter form when I wish I could tell someone something. This may sound like a “once in a while” thing, but honestly it is an all the time thing. 840 more words

We need to talk

The Business of Dying: Patients in Peril is a series of articles published by the Washington Post this year. Most the articles have been about hospice care and the quality of care they provide, but in Part 6, the title was… 719 more words

Doctor Communication

You just found out you're pregnant. What now?

What do we do first? I asked myself this same question. I had no idea where to start. All of the books gave me useful information, but no one told me what to do… 1,197 more words


Weekly Roundup Time ... How I Broke My Leg ... Spending The Week With My Family ... & Christmas Day ...

Hey everyone … so welcome to another weekly roundup … you all know how last week ended with me and a broken leg making our way back to Dubai … but I realise that between the vague details in my last weekly roundup and other posts during this week and the few things I’ve posted on facebook not many people know the full story of what happened and how I got injured … as such there have been some rather dramatic stories flying around amongst my family where some details have been lost or misunderstood along the way … so I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain what happened and to allay any fears that it was anything more serious than it was … 1,623 more words

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