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Gestational Hypertension

I went to my normal weekly doctor appointment on Wednesday. I’d been having some significant swelling with elevated blood pressure, so the week prior they had me do a 24 hour urine collection to rule out pre eclampsia. 1,429 more words


Acelyn at the Hospital

Acelyn in his hospital bassinet. I know all parents think they’re baby is the cutest creature to ever be born, but seriously look at this little big guy. 9 more words

First Time Mom

My blood pressure dropped to 83/35 and I yelled, "Get Help!"

Last Tuesday, I was sitting here on the computer when suddenly the center of my chest hurt like the proverbial elepant sitting on it, and my stomach hurt with knife-like stabs. 749 more words


39 weeks/ Pack your Bag

I am now 39 weeks pregnant, so I have less than a week before my due date.I mist of all the stuff that is going on in my head  I  realized that I didn’t pack my bag for my hospital stay, I guess it just slip my mind. 236 more words

Just some of the freebies

One of the big differences between Japanese maternity hospitals and Irish maternity hospitals is that there is very little you have to prepare to bring to the hospital with you. 17 more words


The after birth meal

The first meal after giving birth, which was brought to my room. It was delicious the reason there is no soup in the bowl is because, clumsy here spilt it.

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:) Hello to everybody that stayed with my blog until I was ready to start writing again…

I had been in hospital back in mid August and had not the most pleasant of experiences, plus 2 months of recuperating that has now got me to 60% juice. 45 more words