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Facts about the deadly virus called EBOLA now in Nigeria

Ebola virus disease Fact sheet

Key facts

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. 1,740 more words


Winter has arrived

It’s the end of July and I am wearing my winter boots, long sleeve top with two more layers on top of that, my scarf, gloves and a beanie. 745 more words


Heading South

I got to travel to the rural southeastern part of the country this week, which is why I haven’t updated in a while.  Several of our students are staying with families down there, so I took the bus down with them, stayed a few days to make sure everybody was settled, and then took the bus back up by myself.  1,890 more words


Working holiday Visa: The trial.

Some Italians come to Australia and think they are in Italy, in other words they think thay have to be grateful if someone offers them a job as if they were giving them a kidney, they do not have to ask how much are they going to be paid per hour, they are submissive and subjugated to their boss carrying some butter in their hands, ready to use. 1,184 more words


Working holiday visa: il trial.

Alcune persone arrivano in Australia e pensano di stare in Italia, ovvero di dover ringraziare se qualcuno offre loro un posto di lavoro come se gli stesse donando un rene, di non dover chiedere quanto verranno pagati l’ora, di dover essere sottomessi e asserviti al boss con panetto di burro in mano pronto all’uso. 1,103 more words


Best rooftop bars

One good thing about humanitys obsession with building enormous numbers of buildings?More rooftops, which means more rooftop bars.

Best rooftop bars – CNN.com.


Best Personal Blog Nominee | The Blog Awards Ireland 2014

I was sitting in the staff canteen at work. Sky News was on the mounted flatscreen with two impeccably groomed news readers casually reporting tragedy after tragedy. 546 more words