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The Importance of Picking the Right Hostel

I arrived in Athens to gloomy, polluted skies, perfect to match my mood. I hadn’t wanted to fly to Athens so early, and the thought of stopping and spending a few night in my stop-over only occurred to me once I was already on my way to Athens. 318 more words

Ups and Downs

Me with a wine juice box 

I’m currently writing on a 10 hour bus ride. This is difficult, so mind my punctuation and spelling errors. 978 more words

The Epic Drive Thus Far

I added it up and since leaving home I’ve spent 296.32$CAN on gas. The mileage, I didn’t track. Did have to stop for an oil change in Winnipeg though. 2,061 more words

Globe Trotting

My first hostel

20th September 2013

After my Ryanair flight from Frankfurt to Oslo, I made my way from the the airport to my hostel. I entered tentatively and was met with a raised eyebrow after I explained I had made my reservation four months prior and listened intently while I was explained the rules of the hostel… 414 more words