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A Roundup of My Pacific NorthWest (and Denver) Fall Trip 2014

Some of the best moments and sights from a memorable first solo travel experience. Cities covered in this post: Portland, Seattle, Denver. I stayed in hostels in both Portland and Seattle but shelled out some extra bucks in Denver for a bougie room. 707 more words


Hostel Review - Lion Lodge, Lucerne Switzerland

The Lion Lodge in Lucerne, Switzerland is a decent hostel in a good location.

Whilst looking for accommodation in Lucerne, I found that there were many hotels/hostels listed on… 529 more words

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The dark side of a hostel room...

During my years of solo travel, I have often used hostels purely as a base. Normally I have incredibly busy days, full of excursions, walking, exploring, enjoying the sites and cities. 796 more words


Naples - the City that gave birth to pizza.

 There is a saying in Italian “Vedi Napoli e poi muori” which translates to English as “See Naples and die”. Many can be forgiven for having the assumption that this relates to the incessant amount of crimes that reach our ears from outside of Napoli – the mafia, the guns, the thefts…but in fact this phrase was coined in regards to the fact that once you have seen the beauty and magnificence of Naples, there is no point in continuing to live – you have done it all. 1,049 more words


All About That Bass...Or Should That Be, Base?

A week after leaving the delights of hostel life in Brisbane (oh the sarcasm), I’ve found myself looking back, contemplating and yearning for that crowded, smelly, noisy, badly air-conditioned, backpacker platform again (sorry, I can’t help it, it’s the lowest form of wit; sue me). 2,002 more words


How to Survive Living in a Hostel for More than a Week

How to Survive Living in a Hostel for More than a Week

1) Claim your space

Put your bags in a corner of an area of the room that is easily accessible during all hours – daytime, night time, with the lights on or off, when everyone else is asleep at 7am, etc. 575 more words


WWOOFing in El Bolsón

La Casa Del Viajero
Part 1:

Agustin began to design and build every element of this property over 30 years ago. Formerly 2+ hectares of rock and rubble, today it is a little refuge for him, his family and travelers (“ 77 more words