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Hostel Life – A Rude Awakening

Waking up in a wet bed is never a good thing. Waking up and not knowing why your bed is wet or where the wetness came from is also not a good thing. 532 more words


My first 2 weeks at Mojo & why I've been slacking on the blog front!

G’day all,
I know I’ve been really poor on updating my blog these past few weeks, I’m slowly adjusting to my surfing schedule so I’ll post more often from now but I can confirm after numerous messages from my friends & family that I am alive! 883 more words


SanFran mornings

Finally the 8th of October! Took a while.
I understand while everyone in america is so fat. All about the carbs and portians. But really who can turn down free bagels and cream cheese for breakast. 77 more words


Sunset yoga and cascading waterfalls in Luang Prabang

After arriving in Laos, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Despite it being close neighbours to Thailand, we still experienced a bit of culture shock yet again. 657 more words


Day... 9 weeks x 7 days, plus 2... 65? Day 65!: New York City / Redux

And thus ends my sweet sojourn in Boston.  My fantastic friend/host Colin dropped me off on the train, whereupon I promptly missed my bus because I forgot that the Red Line is a dick on weekends, but hopped on the next one. 701 more words

World's First Jet-Turned Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden

No one likes airports or flying. If you are like me you can stand going to the airport three hours before your departure, going through customs, and sitting down on the same spot for hours. 288 more words