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Solo Traveling.

First off, I want to thank you guys from the advice, tips, and agreements in the comments from the previous post, you all are awesome. 674 more words

A Day In The Life Of A Debauched Traveler

While I don’t consider myself a globetrotter yet, I’ve done my share of traveling and have established a daily pattern while on the road. While some travelers take tour packages, stay at resorts, eat local delicacies, and buy knick-knacks, I tend to stay at cheap hostels, don’t buy any souvenirs, and eat at the cheapest place I can find. 645 more words

Nomadic Dramatics

One thing that I mentioned in my other blog, A Foreign Education, was that up until my last trip to England I was not entirely sure what a nomad was… I thought it was someone who lived in a tree. 469 more words

Empire Hostel Singapore

So here’s my review about the first ever hostel I stayed at. A lot of bad reviews I’ve read online. This was one of cheapest hostel I found though and was my last option. 420 more words

Hostel Crimes

Martha Gellhorn said, in Travels with Myself and Another, that the root of any horror journey is boredom. I’ve had my share of horror journeys, and I can say with authority that the most execrable part of being… 1,173 more words


Greetings from Frankfurt

We made it to Frankfurt alive!! After climbing a rather large hill, encountering a very unhelpful bus driver and missing one train on a German train system that seems to be perpetually late, we arrived in Frankfurt shortly after four o’clock. 330 more words

Johannesburg Backpackers - the good, the bad and the ugly.

I love backpacking, but to be absolutely honest I would have no idea how to do this is my hometown.

Joburg is simply just not really set up for backpackers – it’s a vast city, mainly suburban, the sites are spread out and public transport is limited. 326 more words