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Democrats: Vote for us or More Black Children Will Die

A Democratic Party flier circulating in the state of Georgia is stoking fear of racism and violence but that should come as no surprise. What else have Democrats got? 146 more words


Obama Makes Women Feel Unsafe Says... Liberal Writer Tina Brown

This would be the same Tina Brown who drove Newsweek Magazine into an early grave by publishing too many Obama worship pieces.

She’s singing a different tune about Obama now. 184 more words


Wendy Davis Attacks Greg Abbott on Interracial Marriages While Ignoring His

The desperate and increasingly sleazy Wendy Davis campaign thinks you’re really really stupid.

She’s now attacking Greg Abbott for not answering a hypothetical question on interracial marriages while ignoring the fact that Abbott himself is… 156 more words


Effective Competition - pro what!

What is your politics can be a confronting question. It is getting more difficult to answer the question – What do you do? If you answer too honestly it might make the next question even more confronting: Are you a pro-market forces person or a pro-business person? 864 more words

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Tone Deaf President Fails to See the Irony in Joke About His Credit Card Getting Rejected

The video is by CSPAN and here’s the description from YouTube…

While signing an Executive Order at the Consumer Protection Bureau, President Obama says his credit card was recently rejected in New York City.

45 more words

OF COURSE: Obama Appoints Partisan Bureaucrat As Ebola Czar

Why didn’t he just appoint the head of Organizing for Action to deal with the Ebola crisis? It would have been just as effective.

Jake Tapper of CNN… 198 more words


Democalypse 2014

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat…

“Last week the people who wanted to delay Obamacare were called legislative arsonists and terrorists who were holding the country hostage. 29 more words

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