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Project Analysis Matrix

For my game review site, I review individual bits of a game on a scale of -1 to 2, then add up the result.

-1 means bad. 573 more words

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Brutal: Allahpundit declares Obama's amnesty speech 'lowest moment of his presidency'

Wow. When you consider that Allahpundit has covered the career of Barack Obama for Hot Air since before Obama was even nominated for president, his assessment of the president’s executive amnesty speech tonight is downright brutal. 369 more words

US Politics

The Ultimate #GruberGate Video

Is your blood pressure a little low tonight?

Watch this…

Here’s some follow up reading from Sean Davis at The Federalist…

It’s Time For Leftist Gruber Truthers To Give It A Rest


Voxplaining Grubergate

So we’re now up to four videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber insulting the American people and touting his own Super Friend level intelligence.

To the… 16 more words


I Believe This 1970's Cartoon Explains Obama's Position on the Midterms

Our completely tone deaf president has now affirmed that he learned absolutely nothing or just doesn’t care that his party was completely destroyed in Tuesday’s midterm elections. 115 more words


Cory Gardner Beats Mark "Uterus" Udall in Colorado

Say goodbye to the War on Women. It’s over.

Republican Cory Gardner has defeated incumbent Democrat Mark “Uterus” Udall in Colorado.

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