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When we had to suffer the summer heat

The fan whirs above my head, insistent that it can dissipate the suffocating, tropical summer air. The blades rush after each other in the same circular trajectory. 145 more words

Small Town Life

Texas Women Desert Wendy Davis

In the race for Texas governor, Republican Greg Abbott is now leading Democrat Wendy Davis by double digits including an 8 point lead among women. 42 more words


The trust envelope - a view

Warning: There’s been changes to the wording of different parts of the contract. Sound familiar, whether is it a Chemist, a Bank, Telco, or any transaction you may have experienced it before. 404 more words

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Pictures say it all ! Click on image to enlarge !


Rock and Hardplace - RET and DAP predictions

Let us now predict: Soon after the RET review the fossil fuel generators will celebrate with a short-term price relief. It is a two edged sword, as they will discover the relief may be temporary. 461 more words

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New York Court Struggles To Find Jurors Who Don't Hate The Occupy Movement

The trial of an Occupy Wall Street activist accused of assaulting a police officer has been held up by the jury selection process.

The problem? No one in New York likes the Occupy movement. 180 more words


Colbert's Act Won't Work On The Late Show

CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on The Late Show.

This is such a dumb, horrible decision. I’m sure the executives at CBS thought they were doing the right thing. 382 more words