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Hot Boys

Hot boys express emotion
in the resonance and width of their exhausts
in pipe dreams of measurement
in the rev and roar of super heated motors… 186 more words


Fittie of the Week <3

Week 1: Well it has been quite a while since i was last able to blog, but i am back and what better way to restart this blog than with a fittie of the week post? 204 more words

Fittie Of The Week

God bless lycra and the PD-nim for giving us this

“Hi School – Love On!” Episode 2 – Woohyun Gif Set

Behold, Woohyun and his rather enviable form striding across the screen…

*fans self*

This series is super cute so far! 59 more words

Gif Set

Push and Shove (Ghost Bird Series #6): World Cup Edition

Sometimes you’re hot because you’ve been playing futbol in Brazil in tropical ┬átemperatures.
And sometimes you’re hot because you’ve been reading a C.L. Stone book. 29 more words



The best kind of birthday present is one that you give to yourself.

Japan K-Pop releases in early July just happened to have the best ever combination of groups releasing within days of each other, so I bundled them together into one delivery of awesome! 704 more words