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Fittie of the Week <3

Week 1: Well it has been quite a while since i was last able to blog, but i am back and what better way to restart this blog than with a fittie of the week post? 204 more words

Fittie Of The Week

God bless lycra and the PD-nim for giving us this

“Hi School – Love On!” Episode 2 – Woohyun Gif Set

Behold, Woohyun and his rather enviable form striding across the screen…

*fans self*

This series is super cute so far! 59 more words

Gif Set

Push and Shove (Ghost Bird Series #6): World Cup Edition

Sometimes you’re hot because you’ve been playing futbol in Brazil in tropical ¬†temperatures.
And sometimes you’re hot because you’ve been reading a C.L. Stone book. 29 more words



The best kind of birthday present is one that you give to yourself.

Japan K-Pop releases in early July just happened to have the best ever combination of groups releasing within days of each other, so I bundled them together into one delivery of awesome! 704 more words


We're All Thankful For Something

In the spirit of November and since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I am going to make a little list about a few things I am grateful for.   316 more words