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Ten Minutes

Ready, Set, Done

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.


Yesterday I had a conversation with someone about the difference between pure evil and “poor choices,” or “mistakes.”  This is one of my hot buttons.   406 more words

Daily Posts

Why Can't We Be Friends?

If there’s one topic I really don’t enjoy talking about, it’s the “P” word. Some of you who share my propensity for profanity may think you know the word I mean, but it’s not that, perverts. 689 more words


Money Talks

Is money your hot button? It’s mine. Money represents security.

At one time, I budgeted to the penny and skipped even an inexpensive lunch to save money. 224 more words

Divorce And Second Chances

Hot button

The previous guest was Neen Weir, an activist for HIV-positive children who argues Australia should, like most other industrialised nations, change its immigration rules to facilitate adoption of HIV children from Asia and Africa. 40 more words