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Every day summertime, breakfast tray, elevator, in the garden, hello neighbors, off to work?  Downtown, find a park, take your tray.  Spiders, ants, birds, neighbors, we’re all here.   10 more words

An Idiot in America

I have seen the TV series “An Idiot Abroad” and I must say I don’t find the guy very idiotic at all. In fact, I think he is a very smart cookie and just playing a role. 386 more words

Hot Day, Hot Coffee or Tea? Why It Makes Sense

As temperatures soar into the 40s and above this summer, the last thing you want to do is anything that makes you feel hotter, like drinking hot coffee or tea, right? 152 more words


Binding Arbitration

Growing up in New York, I learned to bargain and haggle prices down. Every product and service could be negotiated. Perhaps it is one of the greatest pleasures I enjoy about living in the city. 316 more words

Authentic Coffee Drinkers Like It Hot

Real coffee drinkers want their coffee hot.

Genuine coffee drinkers do away with iced coffee. There are some IG posers that would claim that they are coffee lovers, so they take pictures of their Starbucks frappe and brag about it (they would even include a check-in with their post). 561 more words


Sunday at Duke's: Duke's on the Road!

Concession stands and intermission refreshments. How many times have you found yourself denying your sweet tooth at an event or show because there were no gluten free options for you? 156 more words

Gluten Free

Coffee is Supposed to Be Hot?!

I haven’t had hot coffee in three years. Wait, that’s not completely true, it’s hot when I order it.

Then I get….distracted.

My youngest is trying to stand, my oldest is pushing him down.