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Three Things To Eat At The Movies (2010)

1. Popcorn.

2. Candy.

3. Hot dogs.


Some have given their voice-

That they would prefer to eat fruit cups,

veggies, or yogurt, as a healthy choice.


Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I tend to be a streaky eater.  Sometimes its sandwiches, tacos, and believe it or not even salads. I am currently in a hot dog streak, and on a dreary Tallahassee afternoon I stopped at Five Guys Burgers and Fries for a hot dog.   455 more words

Restaurant Review

Memories From My Old Job, Edition #2

Here we have an accurate visual representation of what was often speculated on during my time with Aramark Vending.

As you can see, the amount of time spent hiding in the bathroom graded by hourly wage paints a good picture of some arbitrary parameters set by the Aramark at SPAC employees while we were standing around throwing ice cubes into the garbage can over the drink machine. 192 more words

Hot dog! Award-winning Chicago-style dogs in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — There’s one hot dog franchise in town that opened in 2005 — and has won the award for best hot dog in Milwaukee for the past nine years. 22 more words

Brian Kramp

Rough and ready chilli dogs.

As I was assembling it, it was obvious that no matter what, it was never going to look pretty,

I’ve never had a chilli dog, I was watching ‘secret eaters’ on CH4 the other evening, you know the one, where people can’t understand why they are fat, despite claiming to eat healthy regular meals, after a week of programme surveillance it turns out they are shoving so many takeaways, chocolate and booze down their throats they arent even aware they are doing it anymore and are evidently too thick to realize that unless they burn off the calories they consume it is going to turn into fat, but I digress, so I’ll get off my soap box and say that one of the women on the programme made up a hot dog, well actually she made two, she also used a tin of ready made beef chilli.

214 more words

Hot dogs and Easter cinder toffee

Needed a quick and easy yet satisfying brunch today .. I say brunch as we all slept through and missed breakfast!

So, hot dogs in sub rolls. 492 more words

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Tofu Hotdogs

First of all, sorry about the lack of posts this week, busy isn’t even the word! I will ensure to post some more recipe next week on my return from Copenhagen, but for now, just a bit of food talk. 515 more words