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Hot Ginger Milk

We often heard about ginger tea, here I am sharing the recipe of ginger milk. Best alternative to normal Coffee/Tea.



I'll Take A Skull With My Tea, Please

I’m kind of tempted to try an experiment. I’d like to drop a sugar skull into my tea every morning for a week, and see how the little novelty works for my recent ‘didn’t sleep well, so fucking fucked with the entire world’ moods. 35 more words


What Are the Rules in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints About Herbal Tea?

Several months ago, one of my daughters sent me an email asking about how members of the LDS Church should interpret the Word of Wisdom… 889 more words


Mocha Cappuccino

Do you love your morning mocha cappuccino? Does your wallet hate your morning mocha cappuccino?

Here is an easy way to make a mocha without all the fuss of an espresso machine at a fraction of the cost, made right from your home!


Caffè Mocha (Hot)

Caffè Mocha (Hot)

Ah yes, the Hot Chocolate with a kick. That’s right, with just the right mixture between chocolate, milk, and espresso, this hot drink will immediately make its way to your favorites list. 236 more words

Hot Drinks

Caffè Latte (Hot)

Caffè Latte (Hot)

Ah, who doesn’t love a little simplicity now and then. Not everyone likes fancy schpantzy flavoring. Sometimes they just want good ol’ fashioned Cafe Latte, with just espresso and steamed milk. 243 more words

Hot Drinks

Flavored Latte (Hot)

Flavored Latte (Hot)

There may be hundreds of thousands of variations between custom-made drinks, but you have to be aware that most drinks are made the same way, more or less. 406 more words

Hot Drinks