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Hot or Not

I am hot. I am so hot that when I walk into a restaurant people stop to marvel at my hotness. Their eyes take in the rivulets of sweat seductively inching their way down my d├ęcolletage. 673 more words

I got the hots!!

I have been expecting side effects from the hormones that I have been taking. So far so good, until today. I was sitting in the break room at work when heat began to flood my face, neck and chest. 288 more words

Hot Flash Sunday

There once was a girl named Mary
whose life was really quite ordinary
then came a hot flash
with brimstone and grey ash
poor molten veined girl named Mary!


Puzzled with warm moments...

I know I’m only 38. But, yes, I have Hot Flashes and Night Sweats due to surgically induced Menopause. After having a double mastectomy and testing positive for the BRCA mutation, which makes me more vulnerable to secondary cancers and ovarian cancer, the doctors recommended I have a hysterectomy and oophorectomy. 338 more words

My Thoughts On It...