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"Hot pockets"

Today’s lunch is a homeade ham and cheese crescent roll “hot pocket”. Watermelon, cucumbers and grape. tomatoes with I ♡ u picks and some fudge our daughter made.

Bento, Bento, Bento....

The mess of tangled wires: What does real life look like?

I’ve always had this idea that all those companies, all those other schools are organized and well run. It’s just my company that’s wacko and barely holding together. 542 more words


Nestlé To Relocate Chatsworth Hot Pockets Facility To Kentucky

CHATSWORTH (CBSLA.com) — Hundreds of Angelenos could soon be out of work after Nestlé USA announced it will relocate a Hot Pockets facility in Chatsworth back east. 415 more words



There are certain types of foods that merely exist to destroy your mouth.
There are the evil foods that cut the roof of your mouth and there are the bastards that burn the shit out of your tongue. 269 more words


Give Your Heart The Scare Of Its Life With The Donut Cheesesteak Burger

It has been a while since we checked in with the gluttonous gourmet geniuses at PYT in Philadelphia, but it took my brain as long as the average man’s stomach to digest an idea as absurd as… 156 more words

Web Culture

It'll Destroy Your Mouth

First thing’s first, this is my 100th post! I’d like to thank everybody who’s followed along since the beginning, and also anyone who’s stumbled their way here from Facebook or Reddit. 919 more words


Grocery Shopping for Dummies.

Sometimes grocery shopping can be a bitch.  I mean it starts off fun, with all of the endless possibilities of what you might find and buy, and all of the delicious and exciting dishes you might make stemming from this visit, but odds are you will go and buy the same old shit that you always do (just like me), and the whole event will turn into one shitty hassle.   1,247 more words