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When Rog Got Confused

Some things are very difficult to comprehend. Outer space, for one. It’s just so big! Converting anything to the metric system is another. Why the NFL is considered a non-profit organization.  130 more words


Lardonian "JSteveio" is STILL Butt Hurt over James Anderson (alias)?

Poor James Anderson (alias). 

JSO… there never was a website called…




You retard… I COMPLETELY made that up . But YOU blamed people from Scotland to Missouri for that, eh?

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Days of an au paur: Nov.10 - Nov.16

Monday, Nov. 10
It was just a normal work day and I was really tired as usual. I wasn’t motivated at all. I did shape my plans for Christmas though and C. 2,039 more words

Au Pair

Fire Up The 'South Park' References, It's The 'World Of Warcraft' Honest Trailer

“From the company who never met a game they couldn’t postpone, comes a more effective form of teenage abstinence than acne, sex ed, and the catholic church combined, …

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People Buying Fewer Hot Pockets After Tastes Change, SNAP Cuts

It’s easy to make fun of Hot Pockets. Over the years, we’ve laughed at the dough-encased food-like objects when they’ve been recalled for containing plastic… 178 more words