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Choosing Watercolour Papers

3 Common Watercolour paper surfaces are:    Hot Press, Cold Press and Rough.  Each surface has its own unique quirks, assets and characteristics that are fun to explore.     482 more words


Fluoride 3: The Girl Against Fluoride, and an Open Letter to the Junior Minister for Health

Interview with Irish campaigning superwoman, Aisling FitzGibbon, and an Open Letter to the Junior Minister for Health containing 27 Questions which get to the nub of the water fluoridation issue. 30 more words


Fluoride 2: Why Are We Taking Crazy Unnecessary Risks?

My second extensive feature on the groundbreaking fluoride report by Irish scientist, Declan Waugh. Read the full article here: Fluoride 2: Why Are We Taking Crazy, Unnecessary Risks? 14 more words


Fluoride 1: We Are a Poisoned People

The first in my two-part world exclusive on the internationally-acclaimed report by Irish fluoride whistleblower, Declan Waugh, environmental scientist. To read article, click here: Fluoride 1 We are a poisoned people… 19 more words