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The Wrong Arm Of The Law

A number of my North American subscribers and one chap from Europe have asked me to post some photographs of Australian police vehicles. Apparently there is a sub-division of car enthusiasts and model collectors who  make a speciality of these sorts of things – rather like the ones who collect fire engines. 444 more words


2014 Hardcore Happening Gallery!

It’s been a whirlwind weekend but I just finished editing the photos from this year’s installment of the Hardcore Happening over at the Old Soul Hot Rod Shop… 119 more words



Plodge. Plymouth-Dodge, geddit?

It was the name given to a number of Chrysler products brought to Australia before and after WWII that seemed to combine a number of features of each make. 337 more words


Down At The Agency

I love doll houses. I love dioramas. I love model train layouts…and toy airports. I love miniature villages. And I love scale model garages.

We had them as a kid – Sears, Eatons, Hudson’s Bay, Montgomery Ward – they all sold tinplate model garages that had brightly coloured lithography on the walls and a variety of ramps, lifts and spirals to park your Dinky Toy or Matchbox models on top. 659 more words


Ruben Likes Pickups

Can you tell?

The recent Model Car Sunday at Malaga was filled with some pretty fantastical models. All that the modeller’s art and packs of accessories could produce. 103 more words



I have never met the owner of this utility. I am too shy to talk to most of the exhibitors at car shows, and I think it would probably be an intrusion on their time –  I merely content myself with taking well-exposed images of their cars and then snipping off a piece of the upholstery or unbolting a fender to take as a souvenir. 392 more words


" Just Built For Flash "

Today’s little car show at the Oakover Winery in the Swan Valley was a mixed affair. The price was reasonable – free. The venue had good  parking space and marshals to organise the arrivals. 425 more words