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Roll Out A Roadster

Apparently the title of this blog has already been used as a series of articles in the hot rod press – I picked this up from the presentation board next to a roadster at this year’s Victorian Hot Rod Show in Melbourne. 465 more words


Ceefa Ford

Australians, look away. Americans, attention, please. The Australian alphabet:

A fer ‘orses

B fer mutton.

Ceefa cat.

Etc., etc.

Old Australian joke poem. I have been in any number of households that had a cat named Ceefa, and they all thought that they were unique. 441 more words


Smooth And Yellow

I shall resist the temptation to make banana jokes here – this hot rod is far too nice for that.

Now the giveaway as to the make and year does not require Sherlock Holmes – it is right there on the licence plate. 465 more words


Ready, Steady, Go...

Working on the premise that it is better to take one’s pleasures frequently and in small doses, I am about to embark upon my annual trip to Melbourne for 6 days. 293 more words

Hot Rods

An Open Top Ute - Times Were Much Better Then...

I was very fortunate today at the Oakover Winery Retro Market Car Show – the owner of this fine Ford ute saw me taking pictures of it and came over to open the driver’s-side door and then have a chat. 234 more words


The Purple Nurple

A few months back I showed pictures of a kustom car that had been painted all over – even the original trim work was painted rather than re-chromed. 537 more words


The Dreadnought And The Bare Bosom

In case you are wondering where the title comes from…

The dreadnought battleships had some remarkable ram bows designed to cleave through their enemies.

’34 Fords had some pretty exotic grilles with a vaguely similar shape. 477 more words