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Buffalo Cucumbers from Parm

We visited our friends Tim & Lauren in NYC over Labor Day weekend last year. Together, the powers of R & R & T & L combine to form: “Team Brother Husbands/Sister Wives.” This title only means that we sometimes go on vacation together and really enjoy each others company. 545 more words


Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Review

This weeks hot sauce review was a fun one.  I hope you enjoy.  If you have ever had Zombie Cajun hot sauce feel free to comment and let us know what you thought of it.

Hot Sauce

Doge Market – An interview with Garrett from Pex Peppers [Week #1]

Good afternoon everyone!

Today’s entry is a bonus entry since everyone I have interviewed has been so on the ball with these. Last week if you caught it on /r/dogecoin I… 662 more words


5 things you’ll need to survive FLASHBANG or any extreme hot sauce.

Milk & Ice Cream

Milk is essential for taste testing hot sauce, salsa, or anything hot. Why milk? Well… milk actually contains a protein called “Casein” that helps counteract the effects of “Capsaicin” (the chemical which make peppers hot) and sooths the burning sensation. 327 more words

Pepper Palace

The Long Awaited Next Update

So, it was brought to my attention today that I haven’t update this in about a month and a half, and as such I feel I should let you guys know what has been going on… 534 more words


The long, hot summer

Past weekend was my quiet time, mostly honoring my couch and some kitchen work. However, I managed to make my original hot sauce, finally! I had promised it to some of my colleagues and friends 2 months ago but life got in the middle and I didn’t get a chance until past Sunday. 226 more words

Pies 'n' Thighs - Brooklyn, NY

Ok, so I haven’t actually been to Pies ‘N’ Thighs, but I did try one of their recipes. I was pretty sure that I found my fried chicken recipe soul mate, when I saw their… 118 more words