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Dave -- Part II: Sexting 101

(Hand coyly over mouth) In which that literary sport of politicians, sexting, makes an appearance in my box, and in my repertoire. 

Dave: When are you gonna come belly dance for me? 601 more words


Dave -- Part I: Getting My Toes, And Other Regions, Wet

In which I fall deeply in like with a new conquest.

By this time, on Internet dating sites I’d learned a thing or two about West African scammers and could spot them a mile away; I was no longer in danger of being taken in by them. 329 more words


Boardroom or bedroom either way I don't care


Boardroom or bedroom either way I don’t care

January 21, 2015
By haley
This review is from: Loans, Lust, and Lies
This book is fan-freaking-tastic. 75 more words

Cara Addison

Back in the Saddle Again

In which I field a field of mostly unsuitable suitors, yet manage to meet a keeper–literally.

Though most of those who messaged me were unhittable, I’d been busy collecting a group of internet candidates to meet in person on my return home in a couple weeks. 254 more words


Resurrection -- Part II

In which I become acquainted with the In Yo Face school of male courtship.

While recuperating from the lower facelift surgery, I immersed myself wholly in the pursuit of a virtual male, amassing quite a bit of experience with the intricacies of online dating. 340 more words


Resurrection -- Part I

 In which my mojo begins to return, drop by lascivious drop.

I stayed with my BFF and slowly recovered from my surreal “relationship” and its abrupt, all-to-real ending. 509 more words