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Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are -- Part II

In which I begin my epic makeover by tackling my issues at their roots — and this time Clairol had nothing to do with it. 548 more words


Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are -- Part I

In which I decide, “And Now For Something Completely Different.”

Now, as part of my Herculean transformation, I committed to my dream of writing full time. 226 more words


Fabricating Fabulous

In which I begin the transformation from shot, to hot.

Now if there’s one thing my coyly unspecified number of years on this earth (alright, just between us, fifty-seven of the pesky things) have taught me it’s the power of focus to attract what you want. 989 more words


How I, Mrs. Hot, Came To Be a GILF

In which I decide to reinvent myself into a glamorous creature, in the mold of she who drew me to New York in the first place, Holly Golightly. 839 more words


Welcome to the Gilf Diaries! I'm Mrs. Hot.

Because some do indeed, like it hotter.

Greetings, and salivations, dear ladies! Though I should perhaps doff my Chanel chapeau to the men who may well partake of this blog, especially the adorable gay men I find indispensable to life itself, absolutely divine companions–I myself have been accused of being a gay man trapped in a woman’s body! 82 more words


Elemental Affair

In our world we combine where it’s dark and cold

Like molten rocks of lechery untold

We feed each other through our desires

You and I – collide like ice and fire.. 103 more words

Sex & Relationships


Unlike number one you were expected
Just not my expectations
Everthing number one wasn’t you were
A wisp of fresh air
Your breath against my heart… 67 more words