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Surgical Strike, MISSION: GORGEOUS -- Part II

 In which I determine to submit my vehicle to a complete and total overhaul.

Once I’d gotten my eyes done, it was time to take a frank look at the rest of me. 644 more words

Midlife Love

Good Eat and Good Read : Monster in his eyes & Torture to her by: J.M. Darhower

Have you ever read a book where you wanted it to be your life. Even though its full of emotions and you don’t know what to expect going in this life. 462 more words

Taste of Forever Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Honestly I’m scared as fuck about this but there is something about him that draws me in. That makes me wanna be around him longer than tonight. 1,047 more words


Surgical Strike, MISSION: GORGEOUS -- Part I

 In which I realize that in order to work it, sister, I must, inevitably, get it worked on.

I’d determined sweetness in my life was not going to come from touching base with an outer Godiva but an inner Goddess; though I allowed myself an occasional… 507 more words

Midlife Love

@alchemistbeer Focal Banger: Better than Heady. I know this will rustle people with Certified BJ palates.

Whoa, whoa, let’s put the pitchforks down and extinguish those torches. BOTH BEERS ARE WORLD CLASS. Focal Banger just goes hard and crushes it out of the park in a totally different and admittedly superior manner almost across the board. 764 more words


The Importance of Being Earnest ... About Positive Thinking

In which I invoke my inner Peter Pan and commit to thinking ONLY lovely thoughts.

We’ve talked about toxic jobs, toxic food, and toxic inactivity and how our makeover into transcendent, resplendent Gilfs requires eliminating those negative influences. 819 more words

Midlife Love

Head Over Heels...For Me! -- Part III

In which I embrace exercise, an absolutely essential, daily exercise in self-love!

Just watching my calories and carbs would never cut the mustard, my new condiment of choice since my beloved mayonnaise had been reduced to a soupcon of its previous robust intake. 656 more words

Midlife Love