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Jesus was a surfer

Six months out of college, a good friend of mine convinced me to take a lifeguard training class with her at the local community college because she wanted to become a lifeguard. 918 more words

Juicy Reviews -- The Widow Vanishes by Grace Callaway

I will start this review by saying that Ms. Callaway in no way asked me to write this review. I purchased a novella collection, Scandalous Summer Nights… 597 more words



Title: Red Hot Obsessions (Boxed Set)

Genre: Contemporary RomanceWord count: 800000+ or about 3000 pages Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22034810-red-hot-obsessions

***10 TALES OF ROMANCE FROM 10 BEST SELLING AUTHORS***Over 3000 pages worth of books!ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME~ ONLY 99c Ten top-selling authors come together to bring you ten titillating full-length novels of love, passion, discovery, and anticipation designed to tease the senses. 1,493 more words

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10 Outrageous Fashions From The Olden Days You Won't Believe People Actually Wore

People from off of the past were weird. As well as working in holes in the ground instead of for trendy graphic design companies in London like wot normal people do, they drank something called ‘tea’, watched something called ‘television’, went on holiday in something called ‘caravans’ and went to something called ‘the pub’ to drink stomach cancer from pint glasses. 94 more words

Hot Sex

Fucking Gods

For an hour, we were fucking gods … or gods, fucking.

After more than a year in total of our sensual exploration, you still surprise me. 214 more words

Which 1980s Romanian Children's Cartoon Character Are YOU?

No 1980s childhood was complete without turning on CBBC at 4:45 to watch another episode of Romanian State Television’s PYBL. From kindly Mr. Grzyck – whose wife Ivana was taken away by the secret police for stealing bread – to Special Investigator Pzudsyk – who oversaw her interrogation – the characters we came to know and love in… 251 more words


12 HORRIFYING Problems Only People From The Essex Village Of Steeple Bumpstead Will Understand

Steeple Bumpstead. I’ve never been there, of course, but that doesn’t mean I can’t cobble together an ‘article’ using some random words and pictures I’ve gotten from off of the Internet. 131 more words