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The week that was, efficiency in Taiwan, why buy anything else and being naked in a foreign country.

Hello all! I think you’ll be pleased to know that I bought my weekly planner and everything is going super smoothly! I really feel like my life has purpose now that I can jot everything down. 943 more words

The Beginning of a New Year

My new year has been wonderful and I hope that is the same for all of you!

The holiday season ended with a weeklong volunteer get-together for New Year and we all had such a wonderful time. 486 more words

Peace Corps

Day 286 - First bath in a year, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Ridiculously early start today, 5:30am, for two reasons. First is we’ve got miles and a border to go to get to Costa Rica, second is we did a covert op take down of the tent to escape from the campsite without paying. 535 more words


Two Weeks in Iceland

Kraig Becker linked to this inspiring edit. I’ve hiked Iceland once. But need to go again. SOON.

A new low cost airline might help flight costs go down. 8 more words


Mulberry Magic (DAVIDsTEA)

Good evening, tea enthusiasts!

Last week, MK treated me to a free tea at DAVIDsTEA thanks to their “TeaFF” promotion, so we took the opportunity to grab a brew we’ve never tried before and discuss its flavours for your pleasure. 588 more words


São Miguel

São Miguel is the largest of all the Portuguese Azores Archipelago. It offers breath taking scenery, wonderful weather and the relaxation you just might need. From the cities and villages to the beaches and hot springs, São Miguel makes the perfect vacation getaway.






KOKESHI – Japanese wooden dolls from 1600s on the IKEA catalog





仙台出身の私は思わず食いついてしまいました 笑 6 more words