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You Can Complain about the Problem. . .

“I broke my pencil.”  The student looked expectantly at me.

“I see that,” I said.

“I can’t do my assignment with it.”

“You know, you’re right.”  I waited. 234 more words

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By Sharon Reily, Reference Library Assistant

It’s on the news every night and plastered all over the internet. We can’t turn on the TV without hearing about the thousands of people who have died of the Ebola virus in Africa, the man who died of the virus in Dallas, or the two nurses who became infected while treating him. 874 more words

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Food Matters

Unless we have major reasons to change our lifestyle, we tend to be lazy and leave things as they are. Let’s face it. But you throw in a biggie, like illness, and we start to pay attention. 299 more words

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The Launch of jockmacdonald.org

“Hot Topics” blog posts come from the desk of Sam Mogelonsky, our Communications & Social Media Coordinator.

Starting at the RMG in September, I had the amazing opportunity to work on a brand new website for the upcoming Jack Macdonald exhibition. 257 more words

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Why Obesity in Nursing exists today…

There is a rising trend among nurses who are becoming overweight and obese. This is causing a rise in cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, other chronic conditions and musculoskeletal issues.   306 more words

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Are Neonicotinoids Killing Bees?

Neonic… what? Neonicotinoids are a group of insecticides that are used in crop production. The majority of neonicotinoids used in today’s market are seed treatments which protect germinating seeds from insects within the soil and allow developing plants to uptake the product to provide protection as it grows. 274 more words


If Girlfriends Were Honest When Arguing

For some reason us females don’t always say what we really mean or want, especially when communicating with our bae’s. We won’t say what we want/mean (sometimes not knowing ourselves), but expect our significant other to understand what we mean. 10 more words