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Water Woes

Coming home and finding water running across your garage floor it is not how you want to end a Saturday night. I wanted to relax, do a bit of reading and get a good night of sleep. 514 more words


California Notebooks, 2014


the moon is full

emptied from a thousand
engagements I lay in hot
water maybe illuminated

from the sky comes the silence
repose approaching… 39 more words

Anna Mosca

DIYn00b #24: Like a splash of cold water

So this is one of the most prolonged projects I’ve had to do, and damn was it sucky. Changing out my electric water heater. I know I know, easy peezy right? 526 more words


Stay Cool

Don’t let your hot water just fall short of your ankles!

Have the experts from Allsafe Energy Products Bundaberg check out your hot water system today. 72 more words

Tips from a Plumber - Spring Cleaning

There’s one area of spring cleaning that people don’t think about all that often, and they should. It’s the kind of spring cleaning that can be done – and should be – year ’round. 241 more words


Spring Drain Cleaning

Yes, it’s spring. Birds singing, blue skies, spring cleaning – you see garage sales at every corner, and there’s a big run on rakes for the yard, and household cleaning products. 279 more words

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