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Nostalgia: New Version

While we were shifting, I found something which was thought to be lost, a memory of something which goes back fourteen to fifteen years or so, and the one reason for which there will be more nostalgia than most of the things of that time. 545 more words


September 29th—91 days until Christmas—Stocking Stuffers

Here are a few ideas for small stocking stuffer gifts for kids.

Everyone loves super bouncy balls.

These Plan Toy dollhouse people are fun to play with even if there is no dollhouse. 75 more words


Monthly Acquisitions: September 2014

* 1 Georgian Lari = $0.57 = £0.35 = 0.45 Euro = 25.71 PHP

This month I kept within the 100 lari nominative budget with some lari to spare (70.30 lari in total) but I still increased my collection by 24 models. 592 more words


Treasure Hunt Thursday

Last Thursday, I bought three mainline Hot Wheels. One of them was a regular Treasure Hunt version of La Fasta (I blogged about it here… 81 more words

Scale Models

La Fasta

Last Thursday, I passed by the toy store where I usually get Hot Wheels. It had been more than a week since I last passed by; there were some new models but I wasn’t that interested in them. 196 more words

Scale Models

Batman on Mars

Robin:                             Holy Cow, Batman, where are we?

Mars Curiosity Rover:   Er….Houston, we have a problem!

Hot Wheels TV Series Batmobile and Mars Curiosity Rover.

Hot Wheels

[VSAR 316] Flashy Red Logos


No other color is known to be so strong in presence than red. It’s a color that’s really alarming, concerning, and expressive. It usually expresses passion, love, heat, blood, anger, and excitement. 629 more words

VSAR 316