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Benefits of a Hotwife Relationship: an Explanation for the Reluctant Wife

This blog was created from the desire to acquaint the public (mainly women) on an often misunderstood and shunned subject: that of a wife having sex outside her marriage with her husband’s consent. 84 more words

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"You are my creator, but I am your master; Obey!" Mary Shelley

If you are a husband who wants his wife to cuckold him, I beg you to read my words, listen to them, hear them, live them and think of them before you ever even whisper this idea to the love of your life. 942 more words

Mad About You

I was working out of town. That always ensured that my home for the evening would be the Double Tree Hotel near midtown. I knew that his office was about ten minutes away, and I asked if he wanted to have a little “slumber party.” In fifteen minutes he replied that he had already procured a babysitter for the evening and concocted a lie. 886 more words


Balls Deep Into Bliss

I have known her, or at least about her, for a long time. She was always one of those pretty theater girls at the high school: popular, confident, always smiling. 768 more words


The Tender Trap

Do you remember the first time you had sex? I don’t. I mean sure I remember it was my high school girlfriend, a blonde who was a grade behind me but already ahead in the sexual arena. 1,178 more words


Making a Delivery

Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine how it would feel to be the only person on this earth. Can you do that? Close your eyes and see the world with only you in it. 1,040 more words


The Company President

Recently I was in San Francisco for a major conference for my company. I was gone for a week while my husband stayed home in Los Angeles. 1,574 more words