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Hot Wife, Happy Life

I hope you’re sitting down… research has found the key to a happy life…is a HOT WIFE, according to Huffington Post! Yesterday we talked about research that confirmed that a happy wife is the key to a happy marriage, and now today we’re learning that guys are happier in their marriages when their wife is HOT! 179 more words


Those naughty victorian Doctors

During the sexually repressive Victorian Era an unusual mix of cuckoldry and the sexual arousal of females were employed. It was believed at that time that many ills were caused by excessive male ejaculations. 1,173 more words

Hot Wife

The Origin of Monogamy


Monogamy doesn’t come naturally to human beings. In fact, for millions of years, evolutionary forces have cultivated the human libido to the point where ours is arguably the most sexual species on Earth. 539 more words

Hot Wife