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How spicy do you like it? 2 Fer Tuesdays at Wild Wing Cafe!

Before I describe one of my favorite Tuesday food experiences, both from a culinary perspective and as a fantastic deal, let me provide a little background. 332 more words

Hot wings is presented @ 4047658820

Chicken is another dish that makes the mouth water and the stomach growl with hunger. Each restaurant in town makes the dish with style and elegance and has never disappointed the hungry souls that come pouring in with excitement. 83 more words

Best Pizza

Best Pizza is ready @ 4047658820

There’s always something best or something perfect. Every country or nation is perfect and well known for. The best pizza comes from the land of the Italians. 91 more words

Best Pizza

Good Eatin' As Always!

Hot wangs, jasmine rice, and broccoli with cheese sauce. Mom gave me the wings, I don’t know whether or not she bought ‘em, or seasoned them like this, either way, they were delicious. 60 more words

Fried Hot Wings

Rice floured wings, deep fried, then rolled around in a hot sauce, a little ranch and Devour, nothing simpler than that


Football= Habana Hot Wiinngz

Don’t forget we now serve wings! #FootballSunday isn’t the same w/o it! Menu available: http://www.habanatogo.com

Best Pizza created with perfection and art

Pizza, without a doubt is one of the best exotic food people have ever had. The concept or the very term “Pizza” has originated or taken from the word “picea”. 390 more words

Best Pizza