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Day 60 of my 100 Day Yoga Challenge / Yoga Drama, ain't no time for dat

Well, I went to class yesterday to support a fellow teacher friend who has not taught in a long time…It was his second class to teach in over 10 years.   561 more words

Why Hot Yoga - how Bikram Yoga is Changing my Life

I will never forget the sixth day of my 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. I felt a release in my back. A pain that I did not even know it was possible to exist without evaporated. 427 more words




Third day!

BETTER finally. So let’s clarify the notion of “better”.

1. I still hate the heated room, but I’m surrendering (or trying to) to the idea that I have other 25 days to spend in it. 626 more words


roommates rock.

I’ve lived with 6 girls, 3 girls, 6 guys, 1 guy, 2 guys, 1 girl, my parents and my brother, a houseful of beach bartenders and currently – a guy and a girl.  531 more words

The Word


I finally went to hot yoga after a two week hiatus. It felt good to stretch out all my muscles and get out of the house. 21 more words

Rants&Life Events

the truth about hot yoga?

Just ran across this article dissecting Bikam/hot yoga benefits. It’s got the usual polemic premise — “we find this fad to be deeply suspect” — but it’s more or less accurate, although I’d disagree that Bikram doesn’t deliver much of an aerobic workout – it all depends how hard you work. 68 more words


#YOGADIARY DAY 1 - Ready? Steady? DEAD!

H. 11:00 – Hot Yoga Class.

It’s my very first class in a real heated room! I have practised a lot recently, or enough at least,  in the last two years the hot yoga sequence, even if not exactly the BIkram Yoga one: a slightly different one from a Absolute Hot Yoga. 908 more words

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