The Future of Ebola

The outbreak of Ebola in the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia is a tremendous health crisis for the world. First identified in 1976, there have been at least seven previous outbreaks. 3,234 more words

Current Events

Obama Fiddles while Ebola Burns

I don’t know what it is going to take to get a travel ban started.  Polls say, there is an overwhelming majority that want to ban travel from the hot zones in Africa.  42 more words

Alfred Webre conveys EbolaGate UPDATES . . . from Information Clearing House . . . ~J

Information Clearing House is almost next under the MSM, which is to say, the word is really starting to get out :) ~J

* US Bio-warfare Laboratories In Africa Are The Origin Of The Ebola Epidemic… 1,120 more words


Ebola May Spread by Sneezes and Coughs

By Nina D. Rhea, B.S. Public Health (retired)

Confirmed!  Ebola can spread by aerosolized (airborn) droplets of bodily secretions, e.g., saliva in a sneeze or cough.   507 more words

Centers For Disease Control

US military planes arrive at epicenter of Ebola

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Six U.S. military planes arrived in the Ebola hot zone Thursday with more Marines, as West Africa’s leaders pleaded for the world’s help in dealing with a crisis that one called “a tragedy unforeseen in modern times.” 69 more words

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