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Aritzia Haul!

Hey girls, 

So lately I’ve been spending a little too much cash… and I think we all know (and can relate) to this addiction, because Aritzia’s sale has been going on for a few weeks now, and every time I walk in there, I come out with a bag in my hand. 279 more words


FOTD: Bohemian Gothic

Boho Goth flavors are what I’ve been diggin’ lately. Call it what you want, smokey, grungey, whatever but I’ve been loving mixing darker purple taupe shades instead of the usual warm tan/orangey shades that are usually associated with a boho type of look. 140 more words


Stretching that's Easy As 1,2,3!

Hi guys! I hope you’re having an amazing week! I’m coming to you today with a prime tip that I have for stretching that just washed, shrunken hair. 358 more words



Heyyy, so I might as well do all of these “Of The Days” just in one post. So today is my little brothers 14th birthday! So we have family parties every birthday and holiday, so it kinda gives me an excuse to dress up and do my makeup and hair. 172 more words


Shade of Amethyst

I absolutely adore semi-precious stone jewelries, especially amethyst since it can give me a sense of protection, inner soul balance and healing. This has to do with its ability to produce a small magnetic field around itself and exchange energy with the body. 134 more words



Hi Everyone!
I wanted to take the time out and thank all of our followers and visitors who visit our blog on a daily basis even when we haven’t been posting as much as we normally would. 433 more words

Natural Hair

No Goals?

At face value, Jenna Marbles’ videos might appear stupid from the perspective of a lot of people. But I have always thought of her as a smart woman (because it takes a smart woman to appear dumb).  235 more words