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'Hotel Hell' recap: Gordon Ramsay wishes he could turn back time

Season 2 |  Episode 1 | “Meson de Mesilla” | Aired July 21, 2014

While it may seem that Gordon Ramsay is getting thisclose to having what I like to call “RSS” (Ryan Seacrest Syndrome—being on or behind the scenes of every show on television), or is at least mere moments away from taking over the Fox network and every kitchen on earth, he does set down his knives and take off his apron occasionally (and unveils skimpy swimwear when he does, but we’ll get to that later). 1,252 more words

TV Preview: 'Hotel Hell' Season 2 Premiere

As you know, I’m a Gordon Ramsay fan. Thanks to his many shows, I’ve had the opportunity to interview Chef Ramsay a few times over the years, and even had the honor of meeting him in person a few years back. 69 more words


The BFTV Interview: Ben Adler

Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell is back today, and FOX let me poke around the brain of executive producer Ben Adler on Friday. I chat with Ben about how the show decides which hotels to work on, how difficult it is to make the program for the crew, and what it’s really like to work with Chef Ramsay. 51 more words


Hotel Hell Season 2 Premiere Preview: 'I Would Pay You $100 Not to Sing'

This…is not American Idol. In truth, it’s a preview clip from next Monday’s Season 2 premiere of Hotel Hell (9/8c on Fox).

So how come Cali Szczawinski, owner of Meson De Mesilla Hotel and Restaurant in Las Cruces, NM, refuses to drop the mic and quit interrupting her guests’ meals with her singing?


Face of FOX43 News Segment 7-11-14

This weekly 10pm FOX43 news segment with Andria Lea includes American Idol Bus Tour auditions in Richmond, the Hotel Hell premiere on 7/21, and the Face of FOX43 Top 5 finalists.

Face Of FOX

Kitchen Nightmares is coming to a close...

One of the shows that got me introduced to Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef was Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares from the BBC Network. I knew very little about the talented chef  189 more words


And you thought the Bates Motel was twisted...

What do you do when you set out to make a serious Horror film inspired by Psycho and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but you just don’t have the budget? 442 more words