Top Hotel management colleges in Mumbai compared

There are more than 15 hotel management institutes in Mumbai, New Mumbai and Thane. Ten institutes are compared in respect of campus, fees, student teacher ratio. 61 more words

Hotel Management

Career and scope of hotel management

 A country like India with best heritage destination and rich historical past has always been more renowned for its hospitality and love shared with the tourists. 359 more words


Thought For The Day - Be Different

Be different.
Stand out from the others in whatever that you do. Standing out form the others in customer service sets you the WOW factor. Going the Extra mile without questions put you into the Personal Touch zone. 32 more words

Customer Service

Quote On Customer Service.


“Give them a pickle” is customer service, “add an extra pickle to all sandwiches” is product sabotage.

- Brian Thurman – LinkedIn


Customer Service

How to Earn Reputation: From Distressed Hotel to a Success Story

To begin with, many hotels turn distressed because of the lack of planning and information by them. This situation is frequently seen amongst the new hotel who are unable to cope up with the competition they face. 491 more words

Bakery Specialization for Food Technologies and Hotel Management Students

The business of bakery is on a constant boom with the urge to make tasty dishes and manage a whole business with precision. In order to get those winning strategies develop in mind, the simple technique is to undergo expert training that helps in polishing bakery skills. 440 more words

Food Technology

Bakery Profession for Progressive Farmers

As the bakery business is on a constant rise with new technical developments, it is opening gates to exceptional career opportunities for aspiring bakery professionals and even farmers to join the race. 468 more words

Food Technology