When you deliver service to your customer, do you feel the service you render? Delivering your service without passion has always been the fact of all mishaps in the dictionary of excellent customer service. 225 more words

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Hotel check-in / reservation policy sample

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Check-in Policy:

Loss of or damage to Guests’ property – Guests are advised to take care of their personal belongings as… 242 more words

Hotel Management


SAMS Group of Institution

"Good Guy-Bad Guy" The Continuing OTA Debate

OTA’s are not bad guys, however, over-dependence on any third party channel is simply poor revenue management or perhaps lazy revenue management. I would rather pay a travel agent 10% commission on consumed business than 20% to 30% to an OTA. 427 more words

Hotel revenue management | Case study for youth hostels

After 1 year of hard work it is time to evaluate the progress we have made with implementing revenue management at 2 youth hostels in Paris. 611 more words

Hotel Management

Thinking outside the frame: Using art in hotels

Art is about making a statement and that’s exactly what new hotels are beginning to do.

Staying in a hotel may start to feel like spending the night in an art museum. 516 more words


The Wonder of The investment, Italy

“All streets cause to Rome” was a saying during plenty of duration of the Roman Kingdom. Real enough then for the Roman Kingdom distribute its pizza and impact in all of European nations and the nearby Middle Southern nations. 578 more words

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