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Get Your Star Wars Snowflake DIY Patterns and Pretty Up Your Empire

I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but there’s snow in a lot of the country and I started seeing twinklie lights all over the mall weeks ago. 127 more words


Winter Is Coming

I can no longer fight the inevitable truth: the cycle of seasons is gearing up to spin and turn our world topsy turvy upside down. I have longs spent time denying this simple fact, holding on to every day that might just turn out to be warm. 820 more words

The Round Up Tapes // 2014 Was Bleak Edition

This third edition of The Round Up Tapes features a couple of records I really enjoyed this year that are particularly bleak in sound and/or aesthetic. 948 more words

Black Metal

Stinky Tauntauns

When I was a wee Padawan, I did A LOT of camping.  With friends, family and the Scouts (in Europe, the Scouts are co-ed).  Eating all that campfire food, it was inevitable that someone started “stinking up” their sleeping bag at bed time.   125 more words

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Rough Seas

Well crap, this month has started out pretty depressing. One of our good friends lost her father this week. There have been a few other deaths in my circle of Facebook friends lately as well. 210 more words

Tackling the giant walker

Ever since those giant Imperial walkers were first spotted on Hoth, numerous builders have attempted to recreate the behemoth in LEGO. There have been huge ones, tiny ones, creative ones… Still, … 175 more words


What’s that around the statue’s neck?

“Stomach insides of the buffalo.”

(Bhaktapur, Nepal, April 2008)