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Filler Primer

I put a couple coats of filler primer on this morning and some guide coat this afternoon. In theory I could sand it the same day but it clogs the sand paper really quickly. 17 more words


Willy nilly sanding

If you can live with the fact that you will expose large amounts of bare metal, meaning you will have to re-epoxy prime, you can go wild with the sanding blocks and sanders. 108 more words


Missed it

Dang, I missed a dent between the rear window and right corner window. Wish I would have seen it so I could have added a little body filler. 36 more words



I’m cheating a little on the dent betow the window. Don’t really have access to it from the rear to pound it out and if I use a stud welder I know I will have holes to deal with. 46 more words


More Cab work

I worked on the cab most of the day. I got the window area in Epoxy, followed by 2K primer.

You can see my buddy in the left window working on a fender. 41 more words



MOONEYES termasuk brand otomotif yang sukses dengan penjualan merchandise-nya. Yap, saya juga termasuk salah satu fanatik MOONEYES. Salah satu alasan ketertarikan saya adalah desain grafisnya. Sebagai merek yang sohor di dunia hotrod dan custom bike, desainnya anti maistream. 30 more words


Belts are in

I have both seatbelts in now. I have not put the center straps in, as I’m waiting to see what seats I install.