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Junk yard cleanup

I finished with my junk yard brackets and pullies. Some epoxy primer, followed by some rattle can paint from the orange big box store.


Shine no more

It is scary when you take sandpaper to a automobile paint job but to get it truly smooth it has to be done.

The steps 1000, 1200, machine rubbing compound, machine polishing compound and wipe down with quick detail. 54 more words


Same parts?

Still can’t believe how long some things take. Another day!


Parental Rides

We were all young once, which means most of us can remember when our parents coming home in a shiny new car. There is something intoxicating about a new car, probably the fumes of new car smell, that makes teenagers want to immediately take it for a joy ride where inexperience and exuberance mix together in disastrous results. 710 more words

Gearhead Lifestyle


The paint gun did a little payback for doing such a perfect job on the white back. Right in the middle of the top it decide to drip a glob of clear. 45 more words


Junk yard dog

Spent the day at the junk yard looking for a serpentine belt system for the GMC. A buddy took me down and we picked up some parts from a couple different trucks. 27 more words