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My favourite brunch hotspots in Amsterdam

Yes the weather outside may be frightful and that fire oh so delightful, but that doesn’t mean we should go into full hibernation mode on the weekend, wear fuzzy socks and watch Netflix all day long (not to self here). 634 more words


De Rijke Meisjes Weekendagenda (23, 24 en 25 januari)

Theateravondje, naar een discussie over eten, hip doen bij Amsterdam Fashion Week Downtown, een tentoonstelling bezoeken, live muziek luisteren. Wat wil je doen? De Rijke Meisjes zorgen met de weekendagenda weer voor een boordevol to-do-lijstje :-) 697 more words


Do As The Romans Did In The Oldest City Of The Netherlands: Nijmegen

It is the 1st Century B.C. Along the river Waal Roman soldiers have found a perfect spot to establish their military camp.The location is strategic as it is surrounded by hills giving the Romans a good view over the river and Rhine valley; the enemy’s territory. 850 more words


FreedomPop Launches $5 Unlimited Public WiFi Access, But Is It Worth It?

While major wireless carriers are investing billions of dollars in LTE services, a Los Angeles-based tech company is aiming to capture some of their customers by offering unlimited access to millions of WiFi hotspots across the U.S. 588 more words

Data security while traveling

Just read an article about how most people do not know about the danger of using a public WiFi hotspot such as the ones in hotels, coffee shops or at the airport. 279 more words



“Tuzo’s dead.” That was the first time I’d ever heard of Tuzo. It was April 1993 and I wondered who – or what – Tuzo was. 1,380 more words


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J Tuzo Wilson was a Canadian scientist whom every Canadian should know. I realize not all of us are Geo-Geeks, but the contributions this man made to our understanding of how the world works are immense. I remember first hearing of him in Mr Krummins' Gr 11 Physical Geography course in 1978-79 and was fascinated. I imagine we watched Planet of Man, too. In his blog post, Ron Miksha clearly explains the importance of "Tuzo".