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Hyborian Campaign : Vendhya vs Stygia

Today I started my Hyborian campaign. In it I have set the countries of Hyboria against each other in knockout rounds in order to see who is the best. 228 more words


Ogres for HotT

I’ve finally got a new tripod for my camera, the camera I know how to use. I had to get the manual out to remind myself of how to use it, though. 55 more words


A bit of type theory: Negation is a proposition

(This was originally posted to reddit, but since the response to it spawned this blog, I figured I’d repost it here. It could use some editing, but c’est la vie…) 1,507 more words


Dragons and other flyers

With my dark age figures having been rebased, I’ve started to work on HoTT versions of these armies, or HoTT opponents of them.

There are (or will be) fantasy versions of my… 115 more words


On the Painting table

When I last wrote, I said the next project would be to paint seven 4Pk for my successor armies. Well, they’re over half done, but others have jumped the cue. 678 more words


Basic properties of identity types

Reflexivity is built into our specification of the identity type, but we really expect it to be symmetric and transitive as well. So section 2.1 of the HoTT book starts out by establishing these. 415 more words