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Dwarves again

I’m still trying to get dwarves for my HotT armies. I have Chariot dwarves, and I like some of them, but as I said earlier… 253 more words



What is it with all those duck faces and scandalous selfies out there? This is how you do it. Just point the phone and click the button. 84 more words


Gnolls, wraiths and ghosts.

I’ve finally finished a number of figures. These are mostly Splintered Light ones. I’ve got quite a few of them recently; I really like them and can really recommend Dave McBride as someone to shop from. 456 more words


Faith Evans - Incomparable

First of all I want to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone. I sincerely pray everyone takes a minute to really look at their lives and see that there is much to be… 368 more words


Just when I thought my life couldnt't get any better....

I had a really epic weekend.  Now I need to take some time to think about my life, get a little introspective, make a new plan or two for the future.  399 more words


OMG she's FINE

When she walked in…. I was like, dayum dayum dayum! You know what I’m talking about. She said, “You can call me ‘Mercedes’ if you want”… I told her, “You can call me ‘speechless'”. 64 more words


I'm still alive :)

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I really just don’t have the time anymore. But if it were up to me, I would blog every day. 537 more words