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A Foreward (of Sorts)

This blog can be thought of as an instructional (albeit informal) catalogue of cohesive homotopy types, best read as a complement to various articles at… 238 more words


Hyborian Campaign: Turan vs Vendhya

The wily wizard Mithras entered Vendhya to hunt down and destroy the She-Witch Hannuha on the orders of the Emperor.At dawn, close to the Jhumda River, his forces sighted the Vendhyan army close by to a ruined temple. 396 more words


Rebased Norse Irish

Well, it’s taken another fortnight since I said I’d get onto posting these pictures. The Norse Irish are not a powerful army by any stretch, but I’ve had a lot of good fortune with them in the games I’ve played (generally against historical opponents). 194 more words


Colton Haynes Wins This Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Time and time again, Colton Haynes mystifies us with his shirtlessness. I mean, this guy really HATES shirts. But this week, Colton did something that took us by surpriseā€¦ he left his shirt on! 129 more words


Goblin battle carts and dinoriders II

I’ve finished the battle carts and dinoriders. I’ve also flocked four elements of Goblin hordes, so I’m whittling away at the stuff I’ve started to paint but not finished. 366 more words


Goblin battle carts and dinoriders

Back in April I started work on making my Mighty Morphing Goblins mightier. Way back in 2010 I had bought the figures to give them chariots and knights (of sorts) to use for HoTT or for representing armies in DBA that I don’t have, in particular Classical Indians as ‘Classical Goblins’. 301 more words