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A breif(ish) prece up to now

I recently had to endure the torture of knowing that my wife was flirting on Viber with a guy from work. I had hacked her account after she admitted when drunk that she had kissed him at a work party. 888 more words

A lot of Cindy's behavior and remarks are spiteful and cruel.

“I think it does make a big difference. Working abroad and experiencing life from a different perspective for an extended period of time,” Amy agreed. 209 more words

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His outgoing and flirtatious wife.

I excused myself to use the restroom. When I return to the bar some guy is talking to my wife. He introduced himself as Carl while we shake hands and he pats me on the back. 393 more words

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My Dinner Date

After I placed a meal on the table and called my family to dinner I excuse myself and tell you all to enjoy but I was meeting up with a friend and having dinner with them. 1,856 more words


Witness her desire to be taken.

I’m so confused, I still love Jeff but I have a desire that he just can’t fulfill.
My desire to be taken and ravished by a bad boy. 122 more words

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The desire to submit to his will, to do things that other people said were wrong.

I loved it when men got so excited and talked nasty. The thought of sucking his dick outside under the stars was exhilarating.
“No hands. Just use your mouth. 221 more words

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