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Witness her desire to be taken.

I’m so confused, I still love Jeff but I have a desire that he just can’t fulfill.
My desire to be taken and ravished by a bad boy. 122 more words

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The desire to submit to his will, to do things that other people said were wrong.

I loved it when men got so excited and talked nasty. The thought of sucking his dick outside under the stars was exhilarating.
“No hands. Just use your mouth. 221 more words

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Cindy apparently is going to do whatever she wants, irregardless of what Jeff says.

“I know, Jeff’s such a nice guy, it seems like he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt her,” Amy said.
“He still hasn’t talked to Cindy since what happened at Barbados, has he?” Tabs asked Amy. 352 more words

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