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Vegan Feast: Houmous

Homemade houmous is probably one of life’s best kept secrets. I feel like no one does it, but it’s so good! Endlessly satisfying, very cheap, super easy and simply delicious. 182 more words


Food: Nutribullet Five Day 180 Cleanse

Of course the first week in January means detox time and while there are plenty of diets, regimes and plans to follow I decided to make use of my Nutribullet and do the… 1,322 more words


Five Signs That You Have a Middle Class Child

Perhaps you’ve caught your kid trying to organise a dinner party with their friends at playgroup, maybe she likes listening to Dido a little bit too much or he’s modified his trike with a selection of Volvo logos – there’s every chance that you child might be middle class. 390 more words


Meatless Monday - Sundried Tomato Houmous

I LOVE Houmous! There is often nothing better than a big bowl of houmous with warm pita breads and crunchy coloured peppers, but there is one thing that confuses me about it and that’s the name; is it houmous or hummus? 173 more words


Cauliflower Pesto Houmous

Experimenting in the kitchen to include more vegies into your diet can get a bit challenging at times, but here’s a way to sneakily slip in more of the good stuff! 208 more words


Recipe: Easy Hummus

I only recently made my own hummus for the first time & now I’m hooked :-) Have experimented a bit and found that so far this is the method that gives me the best results & produces a good consistency every time. 238 more words