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Snøhetta Prøjects: Snøhetta, it Seems, Has More Hours In The Day Than Beyonce

Monday, September 22, 2014, by Lily di Costanzo

While the rest of us sad sacks have been sitting around watching our summer tans fade, the ever-busy folks at international architecture office Snøhetta have apparently been on an global roll, with an abundance of new projects breaking ground …

This is not the typical 9-5

I try to make sure that I keep somewhat normal hours when I go in to school everyday. This means that I get in there early with the hopes of getting out at around 5. 369 more words


Hudson Heights’ Lack of Weekend Hours

While students have made it known that they have a lot of problems with the way the College of Mount Saint Vincent has been running their food services (such as the high costs, the lack of variety of food options, etc.), not much attention has been spotlighted on the extremely short amount of hours that Hudson Heights Cafeteria is open for on Friday and Saturday. 284 more words

Big D

I was visiting Big D on Friday and I realize that I’m not good for him. I like to be with him to comfort my loneliness, for your remembrance, void my guilt, and so that my feelings are safe. 380 more words


Unveiling Uganda: Part 9

Day 15 – I am going to change these headings to the Date, otherwise it sounds so negative like I am surviving or something! 19/9/14… 265 more words


Please Supply Responsibly

How are working conditions in Foxconn now? I wanted to find recent reports or articles written on the current state of working conditions in Apple supplier factories, and came across… 245 more words


Random thought #16

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I’d say goodbye to my lived ones, update my blog one last time, pig out on my favourite foods, repent of my sins ;) and enjoy myself. 16 more words